Monday, July 23, 2018

Magnetic MAKEUP Boards

Makeup and Mini Perfume MAGNETIC BOARD

Here's a cute idea I've been seeing on Pinterest lately.
And very simple as a bonus!

I was lucky in having a metal board on hand.  I had a box of metal map signs from my craft booth. I've heard you can also use cookie sheets. Just make sure yours is the kind magnets stick to first.

Here's what I have:

The back looks like this and they already have nail holes for hanging:

First, I wiped down the metal sign with a lil bit of rubbing alcohol and let it dry.
Just to remove any bits of dust and dirt.

Then I picked a color of spray paint.
I choose this deep, gloss purple. Although I struggled with a teal at first. My sister wanted a purple one. So this the color I chose for it:

After letting that dry, we used some E-6000 glue to stick on some light purple sequins on the edges. You can buy bags of sequins in oodles of colors at Walmart in the craft section. And the glue also!

After doing a ton of sequins like this though, I'd recommend using a hot glue gun.

Then, I got some round, strong magnets, found in the craft section at Walmart, and more E-6000 glue.
I glued on the magnets to the little jars and some makeup backs. Let it dry overnight.
For the E-6000 glue I really recommend this.

Below is a pic of it with some mini perfume bottles stuck on.

My board hangs up by the little tiny nail holes in the corners.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Watermelon Slices for Decoration

Super easy and cute decoration craft here.  
from wood hunks.

I simply had the idea one day when looking at a stack of wood we have out back.
Here's some of how we stack it.

Well, a couple of the little end pieces were laying on the ground and it looked like a few hunks of watermelon to me.  

So I grabbed it, cleaned it off and painted it up like so.

I just used acrylic craft paint in the craft section of Walmart. And I just used any red and green I had on hand.

And after painting on some red like that, I took a sponge brush and dabbed on the green to the "rime" and had to water it down a it to get it to soak in good enough.

And in the pic, you can see I dabbed on some blackish brown for the seeds and came back in with a touch of white to make them stand out.

As you see, any shape of little hunks of wood will basically do.
Just paint'em up and sit'em on your porch in a cute tray!

Happy Crafting, see ya'll next time,
Thursday, December 7, 2017


I was in the mood for some different ornaments this year, so I thought I'd make my own.

 I'd been saving our spent shell casings for a lil bit of time now and I had these on hand.

Here's what you'll need:
-Some spent shell casings:
 12 gauge, 410, about anything this type will work fine. 
-Hot glue gun
-Ornament Hooks

Super simple.  All you need to do is give the ornament hooks a quick twist at the bottom.  This way more of them will adhere to the hot glue for a better hold.

Then just dab you in some hot glue, inside the casing, towards the tip, insert hook and let cool.

That's it!

And now I have a cool, different theme for our tree this year.
It's awesome because we have a lot of hunters in our family.

I am going to top off the tree with some type of unique topper as soon as I think of one.

But for now, here's the tree all decked out in 
Shotgun Shell Ornaments.

I already have some shotgun shell light strands made too.

Using the same method, I just inserted the side of the light, not touching the bulb, into the hot glue, inside the empty casing. Let dry and that was that!
They are very easy to do on those battery operated light strands you find everywhere this time of year.

Happy Crafting ya'll,
See ya next time,

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


I absolutely love any type of mason jar crafts and snowmen.  
And when a time comes to join mason jars and snowmen together, I give it a try.  
So here's the latest idea I've had.


I have a ton of these wooden mason jars made up because I make them into key chains. Kinda as my business cards, to give out with purchases of my stained mason jars

But this morning I had the idea to make some into snowmen key chains.

You could also do this with the flat, wooden, mason jar gift tags found at Walmart.
Set of 12 for $2.23
Photo from
In this photo, I'd already drilled a hole and screwed my eye hooks down into the top.
The plain eye hooks come in a pack of 20 for .59 cents at our local Ollies.

And now for the first step to painting the snowmen faces.
I used these colors for snowmen:

When it comes to painting snowmen faces, don't over think it.  Just do each eye, nose, mouth all at once and it will come together. 
Now, just take some orange paint and stick on a pointy nose.

Now, take the end of the brush, the pointy tip and dot on some eyes.

Now add some mouths with the same end of the brush.

See, step by step they are beginning to look like snowmen and it isn't as hard as you think.

And little lines for eyebrows.

And now time to add some rosey cheeks and a bit of mixed orange and white to add snow to the nose.

And now it's time to attach the ring holder. I always save old keychains for this.  This time I had a bunch of dolphins that I had saved back from a sale I caught at our Preston Court Days.
I got an entire bag of 50 +/- for $2.00 !!

I used pliers to pry off the ring.

And then just stick it right back on my Mason Jar Snowmen Key Chains.

I think they are really turning out cute.
What about you?

Oh, and if you're wondering how big these are, I forgot to say.

Just the right size for a key chain and I also have a little bit smaller size on hand too.

And to seal them, I hung them up outside, by the hangers with clothespins and gave them a quick spray of clear coat.

And that's it. Now we have Mason Jar Snowmen Key Chains. 
A combination of the two things I love to craft with!
And remember, you can get those flat, wooden mason jar tags from Walmart to do about the same craft!
Set of 12 for $2.23
Photo from
Hope ya' liked this idea.

See ya'll next time,