Wednesday, January 2, 2019

EASY Christmas Tree Display


This is a very simple design, so don't worry. Even though it looks complicated, you'll see it's definitely not.

I started out with some plain pieces of pine boards from our local home goods department store, Lowes. Here's what they looked like. I grabbed a few in different sizes.

They come in various widths and lengths.

Then I just free handed, in pencil, some tree edges right on the board where I'd cut them out with a jigsaw.

 This is the shape of the edges you want to create.

Painted it a forest green all over and then dry rubbed on some black streaks for contrast.

The box I had found was perfect for a base. So I sit the base inside the box and screwed on the flat piece of lumber to the bottom. Just to make sure it had enough weight to hold it down in place while standing.
It was just an old rough piece I had on hand. It worked great. I didn't mind the previous existing nail holes to the right.

And to make a hanging spot for hooked items,
I just tapped in some small steeples, or some call them large staples.
They are just U shaped and strong enough to hammer in with ease.
Leave them sticking out far enough so you can hang items though!

And that was it!

Don't let the thought of it being complicated keep you from trying it.
It was really a simple cut out.  The hardest part was finding a box for the bottom and then screwing on an extra flat piece of wood for the base to stand strong.

See ya'll next time,
Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Personalized Glass Cutting Board

Personalized Glass Cutting Board

Here's a cute idea for a one of a kind kitchen gift.  
My cousin first asked me to make this for her and since then I've made a few more.  It's a very simple but really cute idea  and makes for a great, unique gift.

Simply print out the name you need on a Cricut if you have one, if not you can do a personalized order from eBay or Etsy.  Just make sure you tell them, or make it "mirrored" and the size board you need it for.  This will keep you from making the same mistake I did, lol.

And just simply apply underneath the glass, going in the correct direction.  I had to flip and flop the glass cutting board over so many times, you would not believe.  But once I realized, it was super easy.

Here it is all finished.

Hope ya'll like this. And if you look around in about any Home Goods store, in the kitchen area, you can find the clear glass cutting boards.


Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Wood Burned Spoons with NAMES

Hey ya'll!

Today I want to show you some of the
Personalized Wood burned Wooden Spoons I have been busy with.
I've always had a thing for an old crock or pitcher full of wooden spoons in my kitchen.  And now I have an all new way to display them! 

The ideas could be endless.  But for now I am just simply personalizing them with family names.  And as you see below, I add things like "Chef," "Daddy," and "Momma." 

It just gives them that personalized touch that you just do not see anywhere else.

And that is one of the main reasons I love them soooo much!

 Here is one up close.

Super great ideas for a personalized Christmas gift that someone may actually keep.  I know I would!

Hope ya'll enjoyed seeing what I've been up to lately.

I was thinking about maybe pricing these around $5 each? So a family of four would be $20. And I think I would pay that for a personalized gift. 
What about you? Let me know if ya'll think it's too high or somewhat reasonable.

I've just began to list these on eBay along with my jars.
I can't wait to see if they start to sell!


Would you prefer a personalized gift over a store bought item?
Monday, July 23, 2018

Magnetic MAKEUP Boards

Makeup and Mini Perfume MAGNETIC BOARD

Here's a cute idea I've been seeing on Pinterest lately.
And very simple as a bonus!

I was lucky in having a metal board on hand.  I had a box of metal map signs from my craft booth. I've heard you can also use cookie sheets. Just make sure yours is the kind magnets stick to first.

Here's what I have:

The back looks like this and they already have nail holes for hanging:

First, I wiped down the metal sign with a lil bit of rubbing alcohol and let it dry.
Just to remove any bits of dust and dirt.

Then I picked a color of spray paint.
I choose this deep, gloss purple. Although I struggled with a teal at first. My sister wanted a purple one. So this the color I chose for it:

After letting that dry, we used some E-6000 glue to stick on some light purple sequins on the edges. You can buy bags of sequins in oodles of colors at Walmart in the craft section. And the glue also!

After doing a ton of sequins like this though, I'd recommend using a hot glue gun.

Then, I got some round, strong magnets, found in the craft section at Walmart, and more E-6000 glue.
I glued on the magnets to the little jars and some makeup backs. Let it dry overnight.
For the E-6000 glue I really recommend this.

Below is a pic of it with some mini perfume bottles stuck on.

My board hangs up by the little tiny nail holes in the corners.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Watermelon Slices for Decoration

Super easy and cute decoration craft here.  
from wood hunks.

I simply had the idea one day when looking at a stack of wood we have out back.
Here's some of how we stack it.

Well, a couple of the little end pieces were laying on the ground and it looked like a few hunks of watermelon to me.  

So I grabbed it, cleaned it off and painted it up like so.

I just used acrylic craft paint in the craft section of Walmart. And I just used any red and green I had on hand.

And after painting on some red like that, I took a sponge brush and dabbed on the green to the "rime" and had to water it down a it to get it to soak in good enough.

And in the pic, you can see I dabbed on some blackish brown for the seeds and came back in with a touch of white to make them stand out.

As you see, any shape of little hunks of wood will basically do.
Just paint'em up and sit'em on your porch in a cute tray!

Happy Crafting, see ya'll next time,