Nov 21, 2011

PRIMITIVE Antique Sewing Machine


Here's my favorite (WAS-read last paragraph) antique sewing machine I won at auction for only $5.00, after I painted it up:
I loved this antique sewing machine and it works perfect.
When I first saw it at the auction, it was a rough, scuffed up, light brown color then. 

So I bought it and painted it a flat black. 
Then stenciled on a cute saying with stencils I bought from eBay. 

And on the inside I stenciled on an Old Crow. 
And this is it:

I loved it and was gonna keep it. 
That is until I opened it up and realized the model number was three 6's...  
Well, I'm a tad bit superstitious so it had to go.  
And off it went for sale in my Peddlers Mall Booth #555

Price: $49.99 SOLD in my Booth#555
Thank You!

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