Nov 17, 2011


I picked this shelf up at the Preston Court Days in Preston, KY, for $5.00.
 It was an old, ugly 1980's blue!

I knew right off what I wanted it to look like.
And sadly I didn't even think to take a before picture before I started painting.
I hate when I do that! But it happens.
I painted it a flat black and made some fake scuffs using a yellow stencil paint.
If you don't have any, some good old sand paper will also do the trick.  It just takes a bit longer.

Then I put a stencil saying on the top for more detail.
 It says, "Primitives, Blessings from our Past"

I love it!  And btw, it is way heavier and larger than it appears!

Price: $29.99 SOLD in my Booth#555.

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