Sep 24, 2012



Today I turned these plain votives from Biglots:

into these cute grubby votives with homespun and buttons:

(sorry the pics aren't so great, I was in a hurry and had hot wax on everything! lol)

How I did so, coming soon. Right now I need to go clean up my mess lol.
Okay, so back now and everything is cleaned up.

If you want to make these, this is what I did.
(Please be extremely careful, this melted wax can scald your skin!)
  1. First off, go buy you a box of cheap, plain votives at Big Lots. Case of 24 for around $6.00 there.
  2. Melt you some old candles or wax, any colors, in a candle warmer and have it ready for use.
  3. Mix a bottle of cinnamon and bottle of nutmeg in a tin foil pan. The cinnamon and nutmeg usually turn out brownish in the end. So you need not worry about the color wax you've melted to use.
  4. Be sure to do all this with wax paper underneath!
  5. Now you're ready for the messy part.... CAREFULLY dip some of the hot wax out in a dipper or whatever you can find to fit, and pour it into the mixture of cinnamon and nutmeg.
  6. Wait about 45 seconds or so for it to thicken a bit, not much, just a bit, and then start rolling your plain votive around in it. Cakeing the wax onto the lil votive. Sometimes I use my hands, sometimes I use the old spoons you see in the pic. 
  7. Just don't get burned!
  8. You can repeat this process until your little grubby candle is just how you like it, more or less. In the pic above, you can see, some has alot, and one has very little and is still grubbish~.
  9. I then set it over on a new piece of wax paper to dry.
  10. Then tied on a piece of homespun and hot glued a cute button on it. And then they are ready to go.

The pic below is what's usually leftover after I make a batch. And be sure to keep these! You can melt them chunks down the next time you go to make some. And the cinnamon and nutmeg left, can also be used next time.

I also use the same process on the tiny tea lights that comes in bags at the Dollar Mart for $1.00.

Here they are:

Here is a few more pics of the votives:

And to finish them up, I put them in a bakery cupcake bag, tied with homespun and finished it off with a grubby hang tag.
HERE is the link to my Grubby Tag Recipe

For a little bit of detail, notice I first stapled on the tag to the bag, then I used a mini clothespin
to make it look like it was also pinned!

See ya'll next time!

Sep 21, 2012


I wanna share another great idea which spawned from eyeballs by day, crafts by night. She had used some mini clothespins and painted super cute snowmen on them. Then used them as mini clippies. Well, I've been making a lot of magnets lately so I wondered if I could get a strong enough magnet on these and it be able to hold notes and such on a refrigerator without falling, without looking silly.

And here's how I started. Here's the plain wooden clothespins found at the Dollar Mart for $1.19 for a pack of 50! SUPER DEAL!
First, I spray painted them all white in the Rustoleam brand from Walmart. Waited for that to dry, flipped them over, sprayed the backs.

And then I began to paint the cute little faces. Seriously, I mean I painted 100 of these little guys without giving up, my arm went numb lol.. To make the little faces, I referred to the ones in the blog above, eyeballs by day, crafts by night. All I really changed in this pic was some stars and hearts as the buttons. And now and then added different facial features because after about 50 in a row, the cute smiles got old. lol. So some I made frown and kinda grumpy like. :-)

And here's another pic of even some more...... But in these notice that I gave them an added hat to match their scarfs!

And finally after I got all the painting and adding the scarfs (pieces of old homespun) and optional hats, I began to attach the magnets. I tried two types of magnets, first the kind that comes on a big roll in the crafts department and is easily cut-able:

Which I learned that when I stick it on the fridge with a note, it didnt hold so well. So then I tried the round, more sturdy, .75 inch magnet. Found at Michaels which contain 50 magnets for somewhere around $3. I love these. They are super strong, but I had to take scissors and cut in half so it didnt look bad. But that was great, cause in the end, I got 100 strong magnets outta a pack of 50! Whoo hoo to saving money!
For some reason I can't find a pic of these on the back, but they did not look bad at all. I just tried to cut super straight because cutting magnets with a small set of scissors is not easy. lol.

And here's a few more pics, just because I love how these little guys turned out. lol. Hope you do too!

Price, after handpainting each and giving them their own personality :-)  lol :  $1.00
& remember, they have high quality magnets on the back and will hold papers on the fridge

Here they are after they are packaged and ready for sale in my Booth #555:

I make a lil cardstock printout with the booth id and link to my etsy shop as an insert. That way, if it is givin as a gift, they have a reference to where to purchase more. (That is "IF" I can ever get around to posting them!) Note: on a few of them, in trying something new, I put a piece of grapevine through the center, and it looked like snowmen arms. (Far right corner of last pic above.)

I also went back, after taking these pics and added a piece of homespun to the top left corner of each packet. It just was needing something more cute n' country, I thought. lol.

Set of 4 Snowmen Magnets I have packaged up.

           Don't forget to send me a link to yours if you get time to try these!
Update: Here's a link to the next batch I made which have the words Faith, Family, Friends and more on them: Snowmen Clothespin Magnets 


Sep 20, 2012



Today, well and past few days, I've been cutting and making some simple wall signs to sale in my booth. They are a great seller.

Here's a few that I  did that say, "Simplify." 

First I painted a base coat of whatever color. I usually use a burnt umber, colonial green or nutmeg. Those are my favs! Then I stencil on the saying and or stars with an off white or antique white.

Then, here's where I call it my "secret effect." I take a rough grain sandpaper and sand over the entire board, wording, stars and all. 

It kinda roughs it up and makes it look older and worn. Just the way I like it. And I am also rough on all the edges.

And lastly, I use a stain that has a sealer in it.

I rub some on with an old rag, wait a minute and wipe it all off. And repeat if it doesn't look old and aged enough.
 Here are a bunch of different sayings that I made all from stencils that I bought off from eBay.

Then I finish it all up by adding a hanger on the back. I get those in packs at the Dollar Store for $1.50.

And that's that!
 On the one in the middle below, I was experimenting with using different colors. Not sure I like the blue so much. On the same one, also, I used the glue to make a crackly look, but the pic is not showing it so well.

My favorite of the ones below is the "Pumpkins" signs below.

Probably because it's right around the corner and I just decorated our home yesterday.
I'm so in the Halloween mood!

Here's how those came about.
Some of them I left plain and then stenciled on the PUMPKINS wording in cinnamon orange.
And to mix and match some others up, I first painted the board a cinnamon orange and then stenciled on the PUMPKINS wording in various off whites.

Let the paints dry and then come back with some rough grade sandpaper and scuff up all the edges a bit.
And then just finish up by adding a sawtooth hanger on the backs.
I find these at the Dollar General in the tools section for a dollar or so.

And here they are again:

 Happy Crafting Ya'll!
Until next time,

Sep 18, 2012


Grungy, grubby Primitive Candy Canes that smell like cinnamon!
I am sooo into the Christmas mood this week! I've been doing jingle bells and snowmen and now these homespun & cinnamon wax dipped candy canes. I kinda just figured I'd try something different with these skinny little homespun canes I made earlier.

I had the idea from when I recently dipped my large jingle bells in wax and they turned out pretty neat. I wasn't happy with how thin these candy canes were anyways, so I didn't have anything to lose by giving it a shot.

Here's how I did these:

First I made my own candy cane with some craft wire I had. And a long skinny pick, made of wood. I call them skews. They are in the kitchen section and you make kabobs with them.
I just used the wire and shaped a tip of a candy cane and then wrapped it onto the skewer.
Then I just simply covered it with the cloth, by twisting the fabric from one end to the other.
Holding it in place with hot glue.

Then dipped them into the cinnamon candle I had melted, sitting on the candle warmer. 

I then laid them on the wax paper and lightly dusted them again with a mixture of cinnamon and nutmeg. 

After they dried, I used my hot glue gun and glued on some tiny jingle bells. 

After the first batch, I began to paint the jingle bells a rusty brown color. And they looked much better!

Then I packaged each one in individual wrappers so they will retain the cinnamon smell while waiting on someone to pick them out to go on their country tree! 

And the above picture is a mixed box of them on their way to my ebay CraftBooth555 where they can be purchased.

I priced these for $1.19 each

See ya'll next time,