Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Halloween Magnets ( Xmas Lights Repurposed)

 I was going through the phase this weekend  of making snowmen magnets when it hit me. Halloween is sooner than Christmas, so I need to get in gear for that at my booth! So I had an idea to use some of the white and orange Christmas tree bulbs I had sitting in a jar. Left the base color alone, even though it has imperfections, I like it. Painted on a face with some Folk Art craft paint, added some homespun and on a few, added an orange button. Then lastly, I glued on a heavy crafting magnet on the back of each. Don't want these falling and breaking if holding too many papers!  And here they are:
Sorry the pics are all sideways.... I just realized that...

 Which one do you like best? The ghost or the pumpkins?


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