Sep 11, 2012

I Found a Little Kitty

Isn't this little kitty so cute? 

I found it out in our side yard, towards the end of our driveway. I was walking down to check the mail and kept hearing a faint "meow."  

I guess someone let it out or either it ran away from it's home. Either way, it was extremely weak from hunger and was dying of thirst.

I caught it finally, after bribing it with a slice of sandwich meat, as it seemed to be scared of people. I then  brought it in and fed it and after two days it is a normal happy kitty.

I posted it on my husbands Facebook on a couple of groups he belongs to and within minutes I had about 5 potential owners for it. But the one that demanded she got it first was my sister. lol. 

She wanted the cute little thing for her daughter whose birthday is today, she's 3, to have at her Mamaw's house.

So believe me, it went to a great home. 
It'll be the only kitty there also, so I'm sure it will get all the attention it wants.


  1. Hi LC! :)
    I'm glad you liked my door header molding...that made such a huge difference in the doors of our home! Hope you give it a wasn't too hard :)
    Hey, I see you're from Eastern KY...I was born in Perry County KY..and now live in Central KY....howdy neighbor! :)
    Have a great day!

  2. Oh cool! :-) And yea, ur doors looked great afterwards. I am definitely gonna do that along with the "bath" sign, loved that also! I picked out a metal bracket for that yesterday, so i have my start. Thanks for the great ideas!


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