Feb 26, 2013

Zebra Chair | Time Out Kids Chair

Today's makeover is a cute "Time Out" chair, zebra style.

It started out as an ugly blue/pink heart doll chair, I believe. I had it in my booth for about a month and no one wanted it. Here's a pic of the before, just after I sprayed one strand of white on it... lol. I'm no good at the "before" pics. I usually forget them. But here it is:

I hated the blue/pink/hearts theme, so I thought why not go wild, zebra style? And off I went. I began with a base color of glossy white. I always use the Rustolem brand from Walmart. It runs about $3.75 per can here, but it's well worth it.

Then after all was dry, I began free handing on some zebra stripes with some acrylic Apple Barrel brand craft paint. FYI: for future paintings of thin lines, I am going to use some other type of paint. I had to steadily go back and repaint each line because the lines weren't black enough. Two coats on something this tedious is just too much for me. lol.

Anyways, after about 30 minutes of drawing little zebra lines, or trying to, lol, I finally added the words, "Time Out," to the top. I just used a lead tipped pencil to write it out first. That way, I knew if it would look somewhat centered and would fit before the paint. Then traced over the letters with the same black paint.

And my last and final step was to seal it. This way, in case it really gets used, it can withstand some wear and tear. I used an all purpose sealer from Delta Ceramcoat. Its great on wood and other surfaces too and dries clear. Which is great. Just don't use a heavily soaked big brush for this, because if the black paint gets too wet, since it's craft acrylic, it will run. But like I did, I used a medium straight brush and only put on a thin coat at once, in sections. And it didn't smear the black paint.

Here's the final look at my Zebra Time Out Chair:

Hope you find some sort of inspiration and redo an old unused piece of furninture like this. If you do, please send me a link to it. I'd love to see! :-)

~Happy Crafting!


  1. Hi Lisa

    Thank you for visiting my blog. The powder is used to make milk paint. If you send me an e-mail I can give you more information about retailers in Kentucky. I wanted to send you an e-mail, but I couldn't find an e-mailaddress here.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


    1. Hi Goedele, thanks for stopping by. Yes I'd love to find out more on the milk paint powder. I can see some cool chair makeovers in my near future. lol.
      You can email me at jelliedkey@yahoo.com
      Thanks much!


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