Thursday, April 4, 2013

Outhouse Themed Bathroom | Outhouse Craft

Today I wanna share a simple little craft project I made in the fall. It's a funny addition to our "outhouse" themed bathroom lol.

I won an old glass mason jar at auction with original lid for only $3.00.

I gathered a few corn on the cobs from my brother in laws garden and shucked them. Keeping the cob only.

Then I tied them together with some garden twine and tucked them inside the jar.

Next I took a piece of craft wood and wrote on it in black, "In case of emergency Break Glass." And tied that around the lid.

Then to top it all off, I just took a bit of grapevine and arranged it at the base.

It's now sitting on the back of our commode. I know this will not be a craft for everyone, but here in my country home, we have an "outhouse" themed bathroom. lol. And it just adds a bit of laughter to our guests that have to go. lol


  1. Lisa, you are so creative, you must be very pleased with what you produce and the overall finish.

    I like uniqueness in a home, great pictures.

    1. Thanks Michelle. I really think a home is made up of things we accumulate and love overtime. Whatever that theme may be for each of us. Otherwise it's just a house.
      THanks again for the nice comment!


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