Nov 28, 2014


Hey ya'll! Ready to make some cute, primitive Christmas candy canes like this?

Okay, first I started off with these hard, plastic candy canes.  I got them in packages at the Dollar Store last year in the after Christmas sales boxes.  I bought all they had and I think they may have been around a quarter per pack or so.

And here is how I went about making them into some cute, primitive themed candy canes.

All you need is some fabric, hot glue gun and some jingle bells.  The fabric I used started its' life as a bed skirt.  I got this at a store that sells JC Penny discontinued items and such, for only $2.00.  It was just right as it is a light red and cream pinstripe.
I then started to rip them into little strips. I like leaving the edges torn and raveled so that it looks more prim.  I left each one about 6 to 8 inches long or so.
So now, just take your glue gun and run a bead of glue at the very bottom. This is where you will start the fabric and make your way up.

And then just start to wrap it like this:
And you just keep wrapping and wrapping.  I add a bit of hot glue here and there along the way to make it stay secure.
And then I just continued on making more and more.

I thought I'd bunch them in groups of two and add a bit of homespun and a jingle bell this year.
So I tied them together with some of that jute twine that comes in big spools for like $2.00.

And then I started making a bunch more but I kind of mixed them all up in different ways.
Some of them ended up leaving as a single candy cane too.  I just wanted to keep things going differently so I didn't get too bored.  I usually will lose interest in making things that look the exact same after a few.  It's just my mind lol.

I decided to package them up into those clear treat bags from Walmart in the baking goods section for decorating.
I even added some little metal stars to a few.  Metal stars are cute on just about anything crafty lol.
I then tied these off at the top of the bag with another strip of the matching homespun fabric. And then I added a hanging gift tag.

I forgot to take a photo of them all tied up, I think, as I can't find them.  But you get the jist, I'm sure.
I priced these for $1.99 each for an easy grab and go purchase.

So here it is, the before and after of these little plastic candy canes.
to this:
and these:
I hope ya'll will give these a try and make some cuties.  These will be great tied onto those specially wrapped gifts or hanging onto a cute prim Christmas tree!

And while I was at it, I also went ahead and did the same process on those large, plastic candy canes people use for trimming their walkways. You know the super duper sized ones about 3 feet tall or so.
Here they are:


I priced these large ones for $4.99 each.

Happy Holidays! And see ya'll next time,

Nov 19, 2014

Snowman Spoon Magnets

The Peddlers Mall has kept me pretty busy lately with the holidays coming up so fast.  My hand made crafts are already selling out! I couldn't be more happier!  Just knowing that people really like the little things I make is an awesome feeling!

Here is the latest little snowman crafts I have made.  Snowman wooden spoon magnets. I priced these little primitive cuties for only .99 cents each so that it will be a cheap gift for anyone to pickup.

These started out as little wooden spoons that I had won off from an eBay auction.  I got a pack of like 48 or so for $7.00, since it was an open package. Great deal! Still plenty enough for me to use.

They are approximately 3 5/8" tall so they will make for some cute little snowman magnets! Not sure where these were bought from originally but I'd guess WalMart has some similiar.

First, I laid them all out on some wax paper so that my counters will stay somewhat clean.  Then I gave them a quick coat of off white craft paint.  (If it had been warmer outside, I would have simply spray painted them but it was like 20* outside!)
Just dab on a glob of orange and pull your paintbrush straight down. That's it for the noses! Simple.
And above you can see that I used some dark orange to paint on little skinny noses. These are popular on the primitive themed snowmen.

And next I free handed on some little cute faces.
Just use your imagination when painting on the faces. Give each a different look by simply doing the eyebrows differently or the mouths.
I like the little X's for mouths for some reason, lol.

Next, I tied on little bits of pieces of homespun fabric in all different colors to make these little snowmen a scarf.  I had bunches of these leftover from various other crafts and I always save the little scraps for things like this.

And then it was time to add the little magnet on the back.  I got this package of 20 magnets at the local Dollar Mart for only $1.00 called Magnetic Buttons.  Sadly last month that store closed though.
20 magnetic buttons for only $1.00 from the Dollar Mart.
These are small but strong enough to hold up these little wooden spoon snowman magnets.

Here you can see instead of all having black buttons of coal down the body, I wrote a few words such as "love and friends."  It just adds a bit more cuteness I think and gives each it's own personality.
Look close and you can see the little strips of homespun fabric as scarfs.  I just tied a simple knot in them around the neck area.
As you see above, I stuck them in an old white enamel pan for display.  These pans make them look cute and are an easy magnetic board to stick them to for displaying.
I was going to add little jingle bells to the scarves but I couldn't find any in my craft supplies small enough.

So here you have it, my Snowman Wooden Spoon Magnets made out of plain wooden sticks, similar to ice cream spoons, for only $ .99 in my Peddlers Mall Booth #555.

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Oct 7, 2014


Vintage Hymnal Paper Cone Cross Wreath 

I recently saw the most beautiful hymnal paper cone cross wreath on Pinterest.  It was a share from an etsy listing so I can't share the image here without permission.  But I can tell you this, it was the most beautiful paper cone wreath I have ever seen.

So I decided to give it a try without any kind of instructions what so ever.  First I had to Google exactly how to make paper cones.  Found it!

Secondly, where do I get old paper hymns? Bam! About three months ago I won an entire flat box full of nothing but old vintage spiritual church hymns for around $4.00.  I had no idea at the time what to do with them, but something in me wanted them! And Now I know why. It's because I was bound and determined to make a Vintage Hymnal Paper Cone Cross Wreath!

Maybe it was just for this very purpose? Who knows?  But I'm super glad that I do have them on hand.  And they are all loose pages already.  As they were used in a church at the piano or organ.

So here goes my try at making a beautiful Hymnal Paper Cone Cross Wreath.

I can't wait any longer, I have to show my finished Vintage Hymnal Paper Cone Cross Wreath first:
It turned out way better than I expected it to!

Here's how I did it:

I got all my vintage sheet music out of the closet. Hey, if you don't have any I'm sure there's somewhere online that you could print off some and then just make copies!

And then  I got a big piece of the styrofoam board.  You know the kind at the Dollar Mart that kids use for school displays.  Well, I happen to have like 100 of these since I bought some sports art by the cases at a wholesale auction.  Some have Tiger Woods and such on the back. But I use them for crafts!

And I just free handed a cross outline on it to use as the base to glue all the paper cones too.  I simply took a small bladed kitchen knife to cut it out because I could not find the exacto knife.

And then cut it out piece by piece like this:

and finally got it all out:

As you can see, it's not perfect in any way shape or form.  But it will do as my base.

Next, I started fiddling with the paper cones.  It's weird but this was the hardest part of the project for me.  Don't laugh but it seriously took me about 20minutes to get the hang of making these.  Here's a tip, you don't have to have them a perfect square like I was trying to do, before rolling them! In fact in the end, when I didn't make them perfectly square, they looked much better just all rolled up in an angle, corner to corner.

YES, that is TIGER WOODS peeping at the camera!

And then, once I started getting the hang of rolling the paper cones, it was starting to go a little bit easier.

This first one was really way too loose, but I put it at the very bottom center as a focal, starting point.

And then just kept adding and adding them.  Oh yea, I stuck them on with high temperature glue sticks.  They held great!

And added some more.....

And added even more.... And finally it was starting to look like something.

and finally it's making sense!  And as you see, to come in towards the middle, I started cutting the paper cones shorter and shorter.  And just holding them up and working them in to where they looked like they would fit.

Okay, shew! After getting the basic wreath made, for some reason mine looks really plain.  So I dug out some Christmas ornaments. I love this door hanger with golds and pine cones so I'm going to tear it apart and use it as decorations on the wreath.

As you see above, I hot glued the ropes to the bells way in the middle, as far as I could stick them. Looks pretty good!

And then, up there, see where I stuck the little pine cones in the middle along with the few sprigs of pip berry?  Not too much, but just enough to add a touch of color.

And for the back, I needed a hanger. So I glued on the door hanger circle. It's holding fine.

And here's a full pic of the back:

And wa~la. here it is totally done:

and a few more pics from different angels so you can see more details:


Isn't that just so beautiful?
Such a pretty way to wake up.
I love it even more now! But I am going to give this first one to my Aunt Marlene.
And then the next one I may keep for myself.

These would also be a great item to make and donate to your church auctions or fundraisers if you have those in your area. I'm sure they would be a hit.

Happy crafting until next time ya'll,