Aug 18, 2014


I wanted to make some cute dish soap bottle aprons that I saw for sale in the local flea market. And just happens on Saturday I won a Sears brand sewing machine at a local auction for only $9.00! I know right?

I think it is doable for me.
I started out by searching Google for "dish soap apron pattern." And I was flooded by hundreds of links. I quickly choose one from that said available in two views, .jpg and .pdf. I just figured this way I had a double chance of getting a page that was useable. lol. And I thought I was right.


After printing it out and cutting the pattern out of my fabric, I noticed something was wrong. It was way too big. Well, it was kind of huge. Take a look at how big it is compared to regular sized pc paper:
Think about it, being held up to your dish soap bottle.... Yea little too large.

Well, I set off anyways to add some ruffles around the edges, which by the way, is only going to make the apron larger...

And boom, all of my thread got tangled together underneath the needle in that little hole. I pulled and pulled and finally it broke. Breaking the thread line all the way to the top and back of the machine.....

Hum. Being as it is was now only 5:00am I threw in my apron. Ha Ha!!! For real!

Then I jumped over to Etsy to search for some premade dish soap aprons and Bam! All over the place and o'so reasonably priced!

I found a wide variety from one Etsy seller named MyApronLady who really must know how to sew! She sells them here for only $3.49 plus $1.25 shipping! So worth not sewing my fingers together. lol.

I'm going to pick up about five of these as Christmas gifts. And use my sewing maching for the simple straight lined things such as cornhole gaming bags.

Have you ever tried making dish soap aprons before?

Things you may need:
Fabric approx. 8" x 4"
Sewing Machine or Sewing Glue
Patience lol
Etsy Account lol

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