Aug 26, 2014


My focus lately has been to turn vintage items into something primitive.
And today that something is these Primitive Snowmen made from vintage creamer jars.

I love them and love to make them out of just about everything.

Today I have been on a roll. I think this is the third craft I have kicked in the butt. Here's how I did it.
I won a big ole' aluminum bowl full of these, approx. 30 of them,  for only $2.00 at a local auction:
I think there were about 30 or more of them when I first started crafts with them.
Well, anyways I think you will find it way more interesting than the simple "Milk 5 cents."

I took a tiny bit of white spray paint and sprayed them inside. Let dry.
These heads (although I repainted the noses) came out of a bag of Christmas crafts from the Dollar Mart. The bag had a label on it from Oriental Trading Post. There were approx. 40 or more snowmen heads in that bag for only $1.19!  They had felt bodies that were to be assembled, but I didn't like that at all.

Then I grabbed a bag of "snowman heads" that are actually just wooden beads and had an idea to glue them onto the top.


And tied on some homespun around the top. And simply dabbed on three little dots for the "coal." A couple of them I replaced the dots of coal with a simple free handed star that I'm not too great at.

Yep, I was liking how these were taking shape! So far so good.

I put them in individual baggies so the paint wouldn't be chipped for whoever takes these little fellers home from my Peddlers Mall Booth #555. And also, so that it may be already pre-packed in case it is a gift.

I may also have some left for sale in my eBay shop if you are interested.

But they were still missing something..... So I untied the homespun from the bag tops and looked around my craft room...

I know! I want to add some type of falling snow around them! I thought that would be kinda cute. Since they are inside a bag and they are snowmen. lol. Silly yes, but I think it's a good idea.

But what to use as snow? OOOOOooo, I had a craft fail a while back while making snowballs out of epson salt and white paint. That would be great. Why? Because all the "SNOW" falls off when it's barely moved. I guess the elmers glue for it wasn't strong enough. Here was the snowball craft fail:

So I took my hand and rubbed some off in each open bag, and added a dash of silver glitter.
And wa~la:
Doesn't really look that great in the pics, but it looks better in person. Trust me.
And then I re-tied them back up and got them ready again.

And I thought they were in need of some sort of tag to tie on the homespun. I didn't have time to make a new batch of Grungy Hang Ties, so I found some pre-made ones in my drawer that came from the Dollar Mart.

Here's a side view, in the box, because I already had them boxed when thinking of this, lol.

And they are off! I did keep one of them though.... Had too, they were too cute! And it helps me next year to remember what all types of things I've previously made in case I want to make more.

Oh, I priced these little cuties for $3.99 each.... I am hoping that is not too much. I first thought $2.49 but since they are old jars and then the packaging....I added a little bit more.I have no idea though, but we'll see if they sell soon in my Peddlers Mall Booth #555.

If you would like to purchase them online here, you now can with the help of ebay,
 if you are interested,
Vintage Creamer Snowman Jars item #002 only $3.99

Hope you enjoyed this and that it maybe gave you some sort of idea for a snowman craft!

Happy Crafting ya'll!


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  1. I love hearing about your prices! A few towns away from me is Sandwich, IL. A HUGE antique capitol, and home of the largest state fair! Among the roughly 10+ antique/primitive shops, almost EVERYTHING is over priced or just at that "guess I'll dig the couch for those few extra pennies because i love it so much" level. So when i see the number "3" on your blog, i can't help but wish i loved closer to your shop!! Silicone bulbs (the small ones) run $3+ out here. Plain wooden chairs go for $45+. Even little wooden signs with stencil painted words go for $24+! That's why i love your blog. I can see items i love...And learn how to make them myself for considerably less!!! Just last year i attempted your snowman spoons, and gave them away to a few family members as gifts! Super easy, and super cute!! They were a huge hit!! But anyway, keep up your confidence on those prices! You're so reasonable and amazing!

  2. Thanks so much Michelle! You are a great inspiration!
    wow, the plain wooden chairs here, sometimes I am lucky enough to get them for only $2.00! then when I paint them up sometimes I charge $19.99. And the wooden signs, odd you say that cause I just made 3 of them last night. Soon to post! lol. But they run about $5 each and the large ones I do, i try to price around $10, sometimes 15 if it took me longer lol.
    So glad you made the snowmen spoons!!! and awesome that they loved them as gifts! thats so cool!
    Keep watching, because I am kinda getting back into my crafting mood lol. Fall and winter is my favorite time to do them!
    Thanks again!

  3. Oh dont worry im always checking! If you hadnt already noticed haha! Fall and winter are my favorite too! Not too many fun and creative things to make for 4th of july and easter, you know? Ha! And as always, you're very welcome!!!!


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