Sep 10, 2014


My niece was getting married last week and she had requested for me to make the entry doors, in a country theme, that she comes through as they play "Here Comes the Bride."

I was honored of course.  And being a crafty person by nature I set off to make them a one of a kind, just like her!

And here's what I started with:

She found these at the Peddlers Mall for only $35.00 each. Nothing great, but they had lots of potential. Especially by being white, they saved me tons of time!

I started by just thinking about what is all around you in a country themed wedding.  Grapevine! Yes. 


So I used a 15' roll of twiggy grapevine I have from selling it all the time in my Booth#555 (find it here on eBay for only $12.89 for 2 rolls.)

I used a staple gun to attach it to where I wanted it. The bendy shape of the grapevine helps it roll so curvy down the sides super easy. Giving me a great shape!

It was already starting to take shape just with the grapevine.

Then I took some broken pieces of the grapevine and tied them in the upper corners of each, making it like a makeshift mess. lol. But I had a reason for this.  It was going to be the frilly stuff behind the flowers. Just to give it more depth.

Then I needed to incorporate some burlap. Her wedding fabrics were burlap and lace.  So I grabbed what little pieces I had leftover from crafts and made some makeshift burlap bows:

The burlap bows were nothing fancy, just sections of burlap with a wire in the middle to make it appear to be a bow. Easy!

Then I moved on to adding some details flowers. I choose fake flowers that looked like babys breath since it was a country wedding. And I found some paper wedding bells for a little over a dollar each pack at the Dollar Mart! And the small pack has 7 bells in it!

I took the flower bunches and stuck them up in each corner of the door, behind the burlap bow. And then tied on the small paper wedding bell from the center.

Oh yea, It was really starting to come together!

Next, I added on the large paper wedding bell. And this is what really made it start to look like a focal point.

So cute and country!

I had made some letters of their last name out of tobacco sticks and grapevine. 

But after holding them up to the doors, I didn't like how it looked. So I left them out. Maybe they can use them in the wedding some where's else, I thought. The letters were cute though, with the little white paper bells hanging from the center of each.

And just to make sure, I looked again. And I still didn't like the letters on them at all.

So I forgot about the letters and went back to how they were without them:

And that is how I was going to leave them.  She didn't need handles, but I started to add deer antler handles to each one, since her hubby to be was a huge hunter!

For you savy savers following my blog, here's the total cost of making the doors:
Total cost of the doors: (Bride & Groom bought these)  $35.00 + $35.00 = $70.00
Total cost of the bells :  3 packs at $1.39 each = $4.17
Total cost of the flowers: 2 fake bunches at $1.19 each = $2.38
Total cost of grapevine: (I had my own, but if you have to buy a roll) $6.45

Isn't that an awesome set of French Country Wedding Doors for only $83.00?
See ya'll next time,

Sep 5, 2014


(Warning Lots of Snowmen Photos!)
I made these Primitive Snowman Magnets:
out from these $1.19 party favor button pins:

The party favor buttons can be found at the Dollar Mart for only $1.19 for a pack of 12. Wow!

Just take them apart by pressing them open, the pins on the back twist off with a setting and here they are all apart:

The little plastic cabochon tops tops are usually that price for only them!

And I just began by painting the backs of the Jesus inserts. I did not want to paint over the Jesus picture, lol, I'm just like that.

Then after painting about 24 of these all in antique white, I started to add some eyes:

And then I started to just free hand on some noses and then some mouths on some:

Some of them I took some very very light reddish pink and gave their cheeks some rosey, winter color.

And then I took some magnets, also found in the Dollar Mart, for a $1.19 for a pack of 20! Unbelievable! I bought all they had! And I glued them on the back with my favorite glue ever, E6000. It is found at Wal-Mart.

And then on the fronts I took some tears of homespun fabric, tied little knots in them, and glued them on with E6000 glue also, as little scarves.

And here is a set of them sitting and drying.

They are starting to look super cute!

After they dried, I tried the magnets out on a metal lid. They hold great!

And then I figured on some (not assembled yet) I would go back add some glitter to the faces. To give the feel of maybe frost. I did this with simple craft varnish mixed with a dash of silver glitter. White glitter would have been better, but I was out of the great, tiny stuff:

And here is some with the glitter varnish and some easy print out 3x5 papers from to make them look better in the packages:

Some of them I decided to put the Pins back on the back to mix them up. 
Who knows, they may be a cute winter pin to wear!

And the others, I left as magnets. Magnets are my all time favorite thing to make with snowmen!

If you like the Snowman Spoons in the pitcher above, here's where I made them!

I priced these for only .99cents each in my Peddlers Mall Booth #555
I think they will be a great grab as you go item that people can keep or give as a cheap gift.

Happy Crafting
& See ya'll next time.


I had an assortment of craft items laying in front of me and I had an "Ah-Ha" moment.  There was a bowl full of snowman heads laying beside a stack of pine cones.  I wandered what the heads would look like on top of the pine cones as ornaments?  And here is how my thought turned out.

I had these basic pre-painted snowman heads from a previous craft lot I bought at the Dollar Mart, the bag was only $1.19.  I added the long noses and eyes and such.  But if you don't have them, don't worry, you can use those little bags of unfinished beads from Wal-Mart in the craft section. They are the exact same thing.

And then just gather you up some pine cones.  These in the photo came from an auction lot and appear to have been on a real tree at once.  But at the Dollar Mart right now, in the fall/flowers section, you can find the bag of fake pine cones of approximately 10 or so, for only $1.19.

And all you really do is take some E6000 glue (also from WalMart- it's awesome stuff) and glue the snowman head to the top of the pine cone.

Then just let it dry and add a strip of torn homespun around it's neck to look like a scarf.  Then to be able to some of them hang as ornaments, I tied another piece of homespun around the neck, but left it longer as a hanger.

 For the ones I am taking to my Booth #555 at the Peddlers Mall, I put them inside a clear baggie (from the baking section) and tied the top with homespun.

 By putting them in a clear bag, it makes for a great way to give as a gift if someone prefers.

Super Simple!

Happy Crafting,
See ya'll next time!