Oct 28, 2015

PRIMITIVE Checkerboard COASTERS from Tile Squares

DIY Primitive Tile Coasters from leftover tiles

Sorry for the week of hiatus. I have been away on vacation in Tampa Bay.
 Thanks to all ya'll who kept ordering from my ebay store, even though it was on vaca mode. I will be processing those right after this post. I really didn't expect it to do good while I was gone. Thanks again! I appreciate every order!

Today, I want to share how I made some cute Primitive Checkerboard Coasters out of tile blocks like this.

If you don't have this exact kind, I'm sure about any type of tile will work. These are just what I had on hand.

First off, you want to get a checkerboard stencil with small squares.  I had one that I bought from ebay years ago.  It does not have to be a tiny one, just as long as you can center some squares on this.  You don't have to use all the checkerboard blocks.
And I choose a black color for the checkerboard. And I use a makeup sponge to dab it on.

And after you stencil on the main checkerboard pattern, it's time to add a personalized touch.
I took out my lettering stencils and ink,
and stamped on my last name like this.

I love how these are going to be personalized and perfect to give as gifts in sets of four!

Then here is an optional step. I took the makeup sponge and dry sponged on some black to the edges. It kind of gives it a worn and older, prim look.  Not all people will like this, but I did it. 

I even added a dab of red on some, to the edges too, after the black dried.

And then it was sealing time. I used an indoor/outdoor varnish for sealing.
This pic was just when I was trying the sealer out on top of just the checkerboard pattern to test it for streaks. And it did good. It dried a satin look that wasn't as shiny as the pic shows.
And I did two coats of the sealer.

Here is an assortment of names I've been doing for friends and family.

And here is one all dried. I even use the broken ones as you see. I like them too!

And I set one up by my entry, with my Halloween decorations. I really like these little, primitive, checkerboard coasters.  Even if you don't use them to save your table tops, you can use them as cute little decorating props.

Hope ya'll liked these Checkerboard Coasters from tiles. It was really easy and they are a great, personalized gift to give in sets of four!

If you like the burlap, pumpkin bags in the background, here's a link to them and here's the pumpkin spoons link.

See ya'll next time,

Oct 12, 2015

DIY Light Box for Photos

I saw a great post over at Pretty Handy Girl that made me want to make one of these handmade light boxes. Even if you already have one of those $60 pop up light boxes, like me, you will want to give this one a try. Why? This light box isn't so super hard to handle.  It comes down in 5 seconds for flat storage. The pop up light box takes 30 minutes to figure out how to fold and twist it back up!  And I love how the light comes through these sides way better than the fabric on the pop up kind.

Here is what I used:
-4 Foam boards (3 for sides and top & I used one for a white bottom)
Mine were 20" by 16", just what I had on hand.
-Roll of parchment paper 
-Packaging tape
-Xacto knife
-Lamp that bends & bulbs (PrettyHandyGirl recommends 2 lamps and 1 CFL bulb and 1 Incandescent bulb for best lighting)

How To:
First off, I cut out the inside of 3 of the foam boards just a tad skinnier than a sheet of parchment paper is wide.

And then use packaging tape to cover the cutout with the parchment paper.

And this is what it will look like from the front:

And here's two of them done:

And here is when I started setting it up and arranging them.
I wanted to put a wooden pop crate in the background to give my photos a rustic look.

And I also used a piece of the cut out parts, covered the front of it with a sheet of parchment paper also. 

I made it for just a pop in background for when I need a solid white background instead like this:

And unlike the one from Pretty Handy Girl, I didn't tape mine together. I just stood them up and they are pretty sturdy with just a mason jar on each side as a support.  So for me, this will be a super easy assembly and dis-assembly process.

I still have to get the bulbs that she recommends though because my upclose photos are okay, but not awesome. Here is one of when I only had one 75 watt regular light bulb.

I can't wait to see it when I get the other CFL bulb she recommends so that I can put it on the other side!

But overall, it was a very easy light box to make.  

I think it took me a total of about maybe 20 minutes or so. A definite thing to make if you need a place for pics of items for Etsy or eBay like I do.

See ya'll next time,

Oct 8, 2015


Today is Good Fences link up day! 
A courtesy of the  The Run*A*Round Ranch Report

Here's a beautiful old farm I pass by now and then in Winchester, KY.
It's called the
"Nothin' Fancy Farm."
(Click on photos for a much larger view"

And if you look closely above that white sign, there appears to be another that has almost broken away. I think it once said, "Eggs for Sale."

I'm posting this with the Good Fences link up today, which is a stretch since the fence is hard to see. But there is a fence over to the left. You just gotta look for it.

And also, right on down the road from this cute, old farm is some beautiful wood plank fencing.

These fences just keep going and going in this area of the horse farms.

 I am also going to join a new linkup called Through My Lens Nr. 10


Signs, signs and more signs!

That's all I have really been doing these last few days.
Cute, primitive, kitchen themed signs really sell fast and so I have to keep them in stock.
And best of all the wording is made from the $1.00 foam stamps from the Dollar Mart.

The foam letters look like this:
And come in a large pack both upper and lower case

And here's a close up from the side to see the foam and what you put the paint on:
I use craft paint called Apple Barrell or Folk Art found at Walmart.
I put the paint on the sponge letter with a makeup sponge. It's just easier like that. 
And it lets you control the amount of paint you need. Which is very, very little! If you over do it, your letters will be very bubbly looking. 

Here are a few signs that I have finished below. 

They all started out as plain pine or spruce leftover pieces from a remodel job here.
But if you don't have any pieces of leftover wood, you can purchase the plain pieces in a variety of sizes at Lowes.  And just play around with wordings that will fit on them.

I went back and added & Jugs and the date I got married to personalize this one!

 In the last step, I always tend to dry brush on some streaks. Just to give it a little extra.

Spoons sign since I collect tons of wooden spoons

Easy, four step process to a spoon sign.

Old rough PANTRY sign in black to match my old cast iron stove
 Very simple.

Buttery yellow sign made from a leftover 3inch piece of leftover trim

And I almost forgot to mention how I hang these up.
A pack of 6 cost $1.00 at the Dollar Tree. They are called Saw tooth hangers.


Hope ya'l liked these Primitive Kitchen Themed Signs made from using Dollar Mart Stamps!    See ya'll next time,Lisa

Oct 5, 2015


These cute, wood and metal shovels are from originally from Tractor Supply and are only $5.99 each. But I won them at a wholesale auction for only $2.00 each!!!! I know right!!

I just had to grab a few since they are bright red and they just screamed Christmas to me.
The brown basket I had on hand because I buy boxes of them at auctions for a few bucks at a time.

When I got them home, here are a few ideas I tried out on them.  And I am going to use one as a door greater.  We call them that when we stand something up, or sit something out by the front door.  Just a pretty something that greets guests.

First I free handed the words "Let it snow," 

and some easy snowflakes from lines and dots like this:

And then I thought about making the basket a holder underneath the shovel. So I too a pair of scissors and started a hole in the basket.  Once started, the shovel went right on through.

And I secured it with hot glue at the base to keep it intact inside and out.

And then I had to start thinking of some holiday things I would place in the basket as decorations.  I just basically started going through my craft supplies and putting this and that in.  I did have about 10 of those green twigs or fillers as I call them, that look like pieces of Christmas tree limbs. 

They are great for things like this. And are $1.00 at the Dollar Tree or you could easily make your own from an old tree!


The candy canes are easily made with homespun.

If you like them, 

And at the bottom of the basket, I also tied a strip of homespun on to cover the hot glue strip.

And here is a second try at another shovel.


I made this one much more simpler.  Just free handed on the words "Jingle Bells" and snowflakes. 
Glued on some red, metal jingle bells, a red ribbon and perched on a cute red bird in a nest. And stuck on a cinnamon stick as maybe the birdie carried it to work with, lol.

I think I liked this one the most. I just love sparkly, shiny stuff at Christmas time, I guess.
As you can see, I kinda used found items, like the tulle, jingle bell snowflake ornament, a wooden snowman and a frosty twig. That was about it.

Oh yes, and the line of red, metal jingle bells down the wooden handle.

I am just going to be sitting one up beside my door, without any type of stand.  Because I don't think one is necessary if you find a good leaning spot.

I priced these for $19.99 in my craft booth, since they are real metal and wooden shovels.  If they would have been plastic, I wouldn't have priced them so high.  But they are really strong feeling.
I kinda felt bad, being as I only had $2.00 each in them, plus the making of them, but I do think they are worth the $19.99 this time.

I priced them for $19.99 each

Happy crafting until next time ya'll,