Apr 30, 2015

Country Fences in Manchester, KY #2

 Happy Thursday Ya'll!

Thursday is all about fences.
And this is my 2nd fence post share-Click here for my 1st.

So today I'd like to share
some back roads, country fences from a day trip I took through lower Kentucky yesterday.
Image from Wikipedia
I drove for about 3 and a half hours and ended up in the lower end of
Manchester, Clay County.
First time I ever really drove through that county that I can remember.

It is said to be the Land of Swinging Bridges.

Well, I didn't run upon any swinging bridges, maybe next time! 
But a notable mention is that there really isn't tons of fences to get pics of.

There are tons of barns and old buildings, plenty of steep mountain sides
and curvy roads but not a lot of fences.

These are a few that are close to the Happy Chandler Rd.
 It is named after KY politician, Albert Benjamin "Happy" Chandler, Sr.

 And then we started headed back up, into town again:

 And finally back on my way home sweet home.

Well, that's all for today.
I am going to go restock my Etsy shop with some
hand made earrings.

Happy Crafting ya'll!

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Apr 27, 2015


Monday Morning....
Good morning Ya'll!
I'm up and at'em but barely...

Last week I made these cute little natural burlap bags for my Booth#555.

With this first set, I must say I cheated a little. I ordered a few pre-stamped bags, size 12"x8", to see how they were going to turn out as bags. They already had the designs on the front but the next batch I am going to paint as well. 

Here they are flat when I got them:

They were open ended on one end. All I had to do was 
-stuff them 
I used the brown paper sheets that you wrap breakables in. You could use tissue paper or even computer paper too.
-seal up the top

I used a mini stapler. You really can't see the staples that much and it was fast.

-decorate with rusty stars
Tie on some bakers twine

And just staple on the star by the bakers twine
and add a price tag.

DIY Mason Jar Tags
 I used some Mason Jar Price Tag Labels that I made in an earlier post here.

And on the old crow one, I added a strip of homespun fabric:

All finished and priced for $6.99 each.

Here are the plain ones waiting for me to paint up and stencil for an upcoming post:
These would look great tucked in open shelving or cabinets around the kitchen and dinning room.

I priced these cute, natural burlap bags, size 12"x8" 
for $6.99 in my Booth#555.

Where would you place these cute, burplap bags?
Happy Crafting Ya'll.
 And since it is really starting to warm up around here, I am getting into the flower mode big time. 
I'd like to share a photo of one of my Peonies. This is from last year, 2014. 
I've only had them a few years and last year was the first year they really bloomed so much.


Yesterday, I gave this little flower garden a makeover because the house is getting redone on the outside now, finally! So I have done away with the landscaping blocks and white gravel and gone to landscaping timbers, lattice and brown mulch.I can't wait to post more pics of it already! I'm loving the more country, woodsy look.
Keep posted for more updates!!!

Apr 25, 2015

Tobacco Stick Bench & Fence

Tobacco Stick Bench
Thought I'd show you another use for those old tobacco sticks you may have laying around.

Here is some of mine. I keep theme upright in an old trashcan, out of the rain:

I made the tobacco stick bench for a country, rustic themed wedding.
It was to be one of a few, sitting by a tobacco stick table (photos coming soon) to work as the gift giving center.

It is just a basic bench design, very simple. Notice the red lines. It's a basic bench design:

I used the tobacco sticks at full size, other than a few that were cut as the braces.  
See the shorter pieces as side braces
 And the bottoms of the legs.  They had to be cut to get the point off, so that they would sit flat on the floor.
I used a nail gun to shoot the nails in since the tobacco sticks are a very hard wood.

Ignore the egg and beater below, and you can see the nails sink in pretty far and aren't noticeable at all.
 On the back of them though, you have to take wire cutters and cut off the rest of the nail that shot through. Unless you have shorter nails to use. I didn't.

As you can see, after the basic frame, I just went back in and spaced the "seat & back" area by just eyeing it to what looked good to me.

The front bottom rail on this one has to be replaced. Because as soon as I finished it, my nephew ran up and of course, put his foot on it to start to climb.

Tobacco Stick Fence:
While I had the tobacco sticks out, I made a make do yard fence also. I love these for decorating around the holidays. And they are so easy to just take and stick anywhere.
Very simple. In this photo I just laid the last row on the top of the frame. But when nailing it, I kept all three runs on the same side.

And since the legs are already pointy, they are easy to stick in the ground where you want to decorate!

Here it is propped up to get a view:

Hope ya'll liked this.
See ya next time!
And if you like tobacco stick crafts I have a few more here in this blog:

Since many people ask me what tobacco sticks are, I thought I'd add this.

Sorry, I grew up in KY and just thought everyone knew of them.

These old tobacco sticks were used in the fields when growing tobacco, and were speared through the tops of the stalks of the tobacco. 

They were essential for "hanging" the tobacco in the barns to cure. 

A lot of stalks of tobacco could be slid onto one tobacco stick. And then they were then hung up on the rafters in the barn to cure on the railings.
Here is a bunch of tobacco:

Let me leave you now as I sit down to a waiting bowl of my good ole'
Fried Cabbage!

Happy Crafting Ya'll!

Apr 23, 2015

DIY Greenhouse from Scraps : It's Ugly but it Works

It's chilly here today, so I'm not doing much crafting.
The wind is kicking in too and with the 50* temps, I'm just not feeling it.

But I'd like to show you some pics of my "make do" greenhouse outback. It is sort of a larger craft~
It's ugly but it works!

Seriously, try not to laugh. I was going for a hoop house design, lol.
But ended up just happy that it was standing!

I mean, it's growed the goodies already and it cost me nothing, zip, zero to build!
I used the crap laying around from our remodeling days.

The best kind ever right?
Oh yea, I had to buy a few rolls of duck tape.

Here's how it's basically made.
2x4's and Black Water Line
Basic little squarish bottom from old lumber pieces of 2x4's.
 You see that black, flexible piping? That is the black waterline that connects our homes to the city water source.
When we moved here, (way back in the country,) we had to buy and run our own at our expense. So we had to buy the large rolls like the city buys. So we had lots left over.
It's strong and flexible and cuts easy. It's also easy to drive a nail through!
See how it twists and bends so easy. But oddly, when connected together it forms a strong hold.
 1x3's and DUCK TAPE:
Next we laid a few 1x3's along the top and sides to brace it. I just used duck tape to secure the black piping to the boards.

Oh here a pic, ignore the star.

Here's a link to making these Tobacco Stick Stars!

and a bit closer:
The 1x3's come in a bundle at Lowes pretty cheap, like around $10 a bundle. I had some left over from making a flower trellis.
After a few in place it was getting pretty sound.
Then just take a big ole roll of plastic, found at Lowes, Walmart or sometimes Biglots (ours came from Biglots right before winter,) and start wrapping the frame.
I went from side to side. Like from the left front side, over the top, to the right front side.
I used lots of clear packaging tape and the duck tape to stick it here and there when needed inside.
Tape the crap out of it. No one will ever see it......
Well, that's what I thought and now here I am sharing it to the world. lol

Another thing I did was poke tiny holes here and there and stick in zip ties to help hold the plastic to the black piping:
Zip Ties and in the way back left, you can see a green bungee cord. I'm hoping if the wind kicks up, these bungee cords will help hold this big old air bubble in place.
Oh, do you see that cute Tobacco Stick Chair?
Here's how I made that!

*One thing I forgot to mention is to not attach the sides of the plastic at the bottom.*
You will need to raise these pieces up to let the greenhouse vent when it is super hot!
So just leave the strands hanging down and lay a brick or something on it when you need to keep them down.

Now, I am thinking of making a make do screen door for the front. That may just help it out a bit!
But for now I'm happy.

PS. I am building a second one!!! Stay tuned!

Let's take a look inside:

I try to use the cheapest things I can when planting seeds. And these little styrofoam cups are cheap. I just stick holes in them to let the water drain. And I tear of the top ridges. I just don't like them on for some reason. lol
I also save those carboard type eggshell trays. But they are a bit tricky when wet to handle. And you can't leave the seeds in very long after they sprout because they don't hold much dirt.
This is trays (OLD GLASS WINDOW) on the ground inside. I laid a bottom layer of plastic on the ground too.

And here is a shout out to my hubby. I don't know why he puts up with me wanting to build all this crap, but I'm sure glad he does. Especially after his long 13 hour work days.
Me and my Hubby with a hammer!

Now, for my Thursday Link Up, if you've made it down this far:

Here is a cute old wooden fence outside of my uncle's home last summer:

I am joining in on the Good Fences Link Up below:

Apr 22, 2015

Rusty Bucket Makeover

Do you have an old bucket laying around? 
Or maybe a new galvanized one even?

If so, you can easily prim it up a bit with very little effort.

Here's my Rusty Bucket Makeover:
I made this cute little bucket (above with star) from this:
The one on the right. I got these in an auction box, with other stuff for only $1.00. Ignore the one with the hole, I was trying to cut out a circle for a birdhouse. Still trying!!

top view
All you really need to do is give it a good base coat of whatever color you prefer.
I went with a burgundy red in the craft paints section at Walmart.

Then I went back and added some streaks of black here and there with a makeup sponge to give it a bit of an older look.I did the black mainly around the top and bottom. 
And I applied it to the handle too.
Dry dab the black on. Don't paint it on like you would to cover. Just add some grungy look.

Then let it all dry again.

Next was to add on a star.  I have plenty of these metal stars laying around from my craft supplies.

(Note: If you don't have these metal stars, you can simply paint one on free handed or with a stencil. Or grab a bag of the wooden craft stars in various sizes and glue that on.)

I had just made this one with a magnet and some Locktite crafters glue, found at Walmart. I usually use the E-6000 but I couldn't find it at the time.
Ignore the cute little crow. More about that in another magnet post!
I didn't really need a magnet on the back to attach it to the bucket, but it did give something on the back to glue to since the star backing is curved outward:

So with the magnet in place, it was easier to add the E-6000 glue (found it!) to that and then glue it onto the bucket.

E-6000 glue is some strong stuff! Even holds glass to glass great!
 But hey, if they star holds on the bucket good enough for you, you can always just use it that way.  But for me, I am making this to sell in my craft booth, so I need it to have a strong hold.  And the E-6000 glue does the trick! 
(Just watch out and don't buy the e-6000 craft glue dots! I've done it!)

Ok, now just glue it to the front of the bucket:
 You'll need to let it lay flat on it's back for a while because the e-6000 takes a bit.

And as you can see, I went ahead and added a few strips of pip berry from a garland I had. Just snip a few off with wire cutters and apply them behind the star with hot glue. They are light enough that the hot glue holds it good.

And finish it off with a strip of torn up homespun fabric on the handle.
I also painted the inside and added bits of black here and there. Because the inside was pretty rough before.

Now it is good to go.

Hope you liked my little bucket makeover post.
A very simple re-do, but well worth it.

It is for sale in my 
Sold Thank You