Apr 2, 2015


I took some clear silicone (the higher priced one, not the white caulk kind) 
and mixed in some cinnamon spice in a throw away bowl.

Just mix it until it's a nice smooth brown color. No real recipe here. Just play around with it. 
It should look something like this:
 And that is about all to the mixture.

This is the little strand of red, round lights, battery operated that I bought at the DOLLAR MART for only $1.00
Awesome already but not very primitive looking:

I took each little bulb and hand dipped each into the mixture.
A quick fast dip is the key to getting the cute sharp tip.
Then, I clipped the string of lights up on my patio umbrella using clothespins for them to dry.

And once dry this is what they looked like:

These turned out super cute.
I wish I would have taken a photo of them in use.
I had put them in my craft Booth #555 on top of the fireplace logs.
They looked awesome until they sold.
Thank you!

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