Apr 2, 2015

DIY Primitive GRUBBY Stars

Since I sell tons of stars in my Craft Booth#555,
I often get tired of the same old look.
So I wanted to grubby some of them up for sale.

I started off with a plain metal star. Well, like this one.
I think I used a variety of colors and made a bunch of these, not sure which one was which for the pics:

And next just simply paint on some Mod podge or Elmers Glue as a base coat:
Either is fine:

Then next just simply start sprinkling on some ground cinnamon while the base is wet.
Put a lot on and cover it good.

Shake off the extras and let it sit to dry.

Repeat this process to cover as much of the star as you like.

Sometimes a little looks awesome and sometimes I do a few layers.

Finish up with some craft paint sealer or a finishing coat of mod podge or elmers glue.
It all does about the same and keeps the cinnamon in place from falling all over the place.

And that is that!
Easy and cute!

These are for sale in my Craft Booth #555
for $3.99

Thank Ya'll!

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