Apr 3, 2015


Two flower boxes at the bottom of each also is cute.
Here's a look at my very simple garden trellis. And best of all, cheap and easy enough to complete in just a few hours!

It started out as an idea and a spot that I thought I'd love:
Then here it was after a about an hour:
Framed with treated landscaping timber is a cheap and sturdy way to do it!
Then a couple hours later and it was finished.
Add some 2x4 braces to the sides and then a bit of wood trellis for decoration and for climbing of flowers.

As you see it was really a very simple structure.
Two flower boxes at the bottom of each also is cute.

Well, here is the funny part of my story.
Although I bet my husband doesn't think it's very funny.
After wanting it right there in that location, where it stayed for one year, I decided I wanted it moved.  
Moved that is, to a location where I just had him build this:
 (from a simple drawing I made-He is awesome!) for my step grandson, niece and nephew:
I just figured the garden trellis would look nicer up on that hill.
And my husband didn't even complain. Not once!
He is the best!

Well, now after he got it all moved and situated in the new spot I picked out for it. 
Here it is in the new and final spot:
Photo taken in August of 2014

As you can see, it's getting a bit weathered now, but still sturdy!

Oh, the main reason that I wanted this moved to where it is now is because it now sits up on a bank behind these beautiful barn wood corner fences that he also made:
 Straight up the bank, in the shade. Hard to see though from this pic. 

And now it seems to all be coming together nicely!
I can't wait to start planting some more flowers soon!

See ya'll next time,

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