May 5, 2015

Stamped Mason Jar Magnets

I love everything about mason jars. And when EyeballsbydayCraftsbynight recently shared a stamped magnet post, I thought of my mason jar stamps.  And how awesome some refrigerator mason jar magnets would be.

And here it is, a super easy and cheap mason jar magnet idea.

Here is what you will need.
-package of 12 wooden mason jar tags (found on ebay for around $4.00)
-e6000 glue from walmart
-round magnets found also at walmart
-black ink pad from the dollar mart
-mason jar stamp

Sorry it is sideways, I'm posting from my phone.

Okay, now it's super easy.  Start off by stamping your mason jar stamps onto your wooden mason jar tags.

Let them dry for a few minutes.

Then just glue on the round magnets to the back with the e6000 glue.  You could use other glues but for working with magnets that will get a lot of use, the e6000 forms a super strong hold that lasts.

I let the magnets dry for about 24 hours.  It's worth it because the hold is great.

And after that you are all ready to start using them.

This is really that simple and awesome of an easy craft.

I hope yall give this a try.  They turn out really cute!

May 4, 2015

DIY Paper Cup Wreath

Bare with me today because I have to post this from my phone.  Sadly my desktop is down and the laptop is way too slow. UGH!
So I am making due again.

I started making this paper cup wreath with very simple and cheap items. I saw the idea for this on Pinterest.

You will need:
-3oz paper cups(found in the bathroom supplies section) about $2.00
I picked the cute floral design .
-hot glue gun & glue sticks

Very simple here to start.And here is the cup in my hand so you realize the real size.

I made sure to start out by keeping the seem line of the cups straight.

Next just start by applying some hot glue in these areas and stick the cups together. 

And think about spacing because the closer the cups are the harder they will be to bend for the circle. I slowly added some space to them as I continued because I realized so super close they weren't bending easy.

And just keep on adding them and do a long line

And in some places after I bent them I had to go back and add a bit of hotglue to keep them together.
but then it got back to a normal hold. And here it is.

And here it is
A little bit lop sided Here and there but overall okay.

I tied a white ribbon to the top and used it as the hanger.

I gave this to my aunt to hang on her guest bathroom door.

I hope yall have fun giving this a try.
Happy crafting ya'll,