Aug 6, 2015

Country Fences in Kentucky #5

This Old Barn and Fence

Today I am taking a short break from posting crafts to link up with Run*A*Round Ranch Report.

It has became another great hobby of mine, to just go out riding around looking for old country fences (and barns.)  And then to share some shots of some of them here with ya'll.


Thanks for stopping in and taking a look! 
Hope ya'll liked this old barn and fence as much as I did.
See ya'll next time!


  1. i love rural scenes from any country territory! very nice. thanks, lisa!

  2. Hi Lisa! I love doing the same! Great old barn and fence photos! Have a fun weekend!

  3. what great shots...i love your barn and fences...
    thanks so much for following me...i am now following you right back...maybe we'll meet in the middle of hunting fences and we can stop and have a coke float together....LOL

  4. I love to ride on the country roads, pretty scenery and fence photos. Enjoy your day!

  5. Great looking country scenes and fences and a cool rusty barn.

  6. Glad you roamed around as these are great fence shots.

  7. Can't beat an old country fence! Each one is such a treasure!

  8. A gorgeous, old barn! I love that rust!

  9. Love what you captured. The vines growing on it and Queen Anne's lace dress it up!

  10. I like the greenery all around. Nice shots.


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