Aug 14, 2015


After buying one of these LED trees for $14.99 at Burkes Outlet, 
I thought I could probably make some similar for a lot less.
And here's how it turned out:

I just wanted something for a dark corner 
and I thought a lighted twig tree would do the trick!

Here's how I made it.

All you need is some 
-twig branches
-white spray paint
-$1.00 strand of lights
-container or vase to hold them

I went out and looked around the edges of our property for some ole' limbs and branches.

I picked out a pretty straight one and just broke it off with my hand.
I wanted one that had the "growing tree" look to it.
And then I used a dollar can of white spray paint and sprayed down the front.
It was pretty dried out I did two coats.
Then just flip it over and paint the other side.
Once it was white, you can really start to see all the little twigs and such. 

And while it was drying, I went in to get a little strand of lights ready.
I got this little flower design strand from the Dollar Tree for only $1.00.
They run off of two double AA batteries.
I didn't want the little flowers to stay on, so I just pulled them right off.
It was easy.
And then I brought the white tree limb in and stuck it in an old brown glass bleach bottle.
It's pretty old and I've had it sitting around forever wandering what to do with it. 
To attach the lights to the limbs I just used some clear tape.

Here's a pic of the old bleach bottle. Isn't that cool?
I love the deep brown color. I have another size larger also that I'm going to make a matching tree like this to go in for the other side of the bed too.
And here it is with the lights off.

It's nothing super fancy but I really do like it. 
And I really like the fact that it all costed me about $1.00 to make. All I really had to buy was the little strand of lights.

For the larger one I'm making next, I'm going to add two strands of the lights.

I've been making kinda the same things for Halloween to put on both sides of our front door. 
But I use the tall, dried flowers of a big ole' needle and thread bush. If you've ever seen those, you know the stick like things I'm talking about.

If you need something for a drap corner, I  hope you give this cheap craft a try!
Until next time,
Ya'll have a good'n!


  1. Great idea, Lisa! Love it and I'm going to have to make some myself!
    Thanks for a super tutorial!

  2. Hello, I like the lights and your cute twig tree. For Halloween maybe you could find orange lights. Have a happy weekend!

  3. I have some (pre lit) twigs and I added crochet flowers to them for a bit of extra something! xx


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