Aug 13, 2015

Good Ole Country Fences #6

It's that time of week again!

Time to share some good ole' country fence pics.
And here is a few good ole' country fences I have found right around here in KY.

Just look at those ole' weathered posts!

And then on down the road just a tad bit...

was this cute, curvy driveway with the little creak running under it.

And just look at that big ole' tree standing out there in the back alone.
 I bet the cattle (if there is any) love that shade tree to death in the summer.

Thanks for stopping in again for my country fences and barns posts.

And thanks a million to
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See ya'll next time!


  1. really pretty place! that tree is wonderful.

  2. Great fences and photos of KY countryside! I loved the curvy road shot!
    Have a great day!

  3. Pretty cool looking fences, so rustic. Love them!

  4. Pretty rural scenes and photos. Great fence finds. Enjoy your day!

  5. Such a pretty place! Love it! A creek and a big ol' tree - sounds perfect to me!

  6. That's a wonderful tree in that pasture area and a nice little farm with pretty fences. I liked the shot of the curved road a lot. I see the place is for sale. Hope someone buys it and gives it some much needed TLC.

  7. Great looking weathered wood posts

  8. Love the close up of the old weathered fence with all the notches on the wood

  9. I always love seeing those weathered posts!


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