Aug 4, 2015

Primitive RUSTY STAR MAGNETS Tutorial

Easy Primitive Rusty Star Refrigerator Magnets!
 I love primitives in every room.  And here is an easy craft that you can make to spruce up your kitchen a tad bit.
Here they are out of the pack with a bit of bakers twine
 Super strong round magnet on back.

Super easy too!

First, get you some metal, rusty stars like this:
These measure approximately 2 1/4" each.

If you can't find them at a craft store, I have a few auctions on ebay with these plain, metal, rusty stars available here for a lot of 5 for only $5.99 with free shipping.
 (I hate to plug in my auctions, but
if you would like a set of 5 already finished with magnets, you can find them here.)
My set of 5 all packaged up and ready to go.

Okay, now on to making these cuties!

Next you will need some good strong magnets because we all know we tend to pile the papers and photos on our refrigerators! I choose these magnetic buttons from Walmart.

They are about 3/4" in diameter and come in packs of 52 for around $4 or $5.  And best of all, they are very strong! 

Next you will need some super strong glue that will hold these magnets to the metal and can withstand much use.

As always I turn to the good ole E6000 glue, also from Walmart for about $3 or $4 for a large tube.

It is great on just about any surface you could imagine needing to glue.

And next all you need to do is add about a dime size amount of glue to the backs of each star.  

My stars are the 3D type, so the glue needs to be enough that it will reach the entire surface of the magnet for a strong hold.

And after that, just let them sit and dry for about 24 hours to get a good strong hold.  
And they are then ready for use. 

These stars I chose have a tiny hole at the top and I may go back and add a little strip of homespun to a few in a fabric that will match my kitchen. A rusty red.

Very simple and super cute~!

And then I just put them in a slide, seal top plastic baggie.  And add a cute topper to it.

I hope you liked this easy, how to for Primitive Rusty Star Magnets!!!


  1. It is amazing what you can turn into a magnet isn't it! xx

  2. I like your cute stars, neat project. Thanks for sharing, enjoy your day!

  3. I have all kinds of random rusty tin pieces that I hoard in case I need them...maybe this would be a good way to use them up! Great idea :) ~maggie


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