Oct 1, 2015

GOOD FENCES in the Country #13

It's Good Fences Day and time to linkup with

Here are some country pics from when I went on a drive on a dreary Sunday afternoon, earlier this year.
 We have tons of this type of black, wooden fences in our area.
When you come to a large farm, it looks so nice rolling up and down the hills.
 You can see a few cows grazing in the back.

 This gravel road leads to an Amish farm. See the buggy tracks in and out.
A broken rail that that will soon be mended.

And for a last one, here's some hay rolls out in a field.
I take so many of these, I hope I haven't shared this one yet.
Cause it was also from a lot earlier this year.


  1. Oh I love your area it is so pretty with the black wooden fences. Funny I noticed that broken panel I am a farmer:) it is a habit. B

  2. The black fences do look pretty rolling over the countryside! And I enjoy seeing the rolled hay bales in the fields - a good sign the harvest is in!

  3. Its a very big farm. I love the rolling hills and the black fencing. I like to see all those rolled hay bales in the fields.

  4. Love rolling hills! Those bales look like a field of bison, if you squint and use your imagination. :-)

  5. A beautiful place to live, those rolling hills and dark fences are a real delight.

  6. i do love your kentucky countryside!! thanks, lisa!

  7. Such a pretty area. I love seeing hay baled like that into rolls. The black fencing is very nice and yes I bet it won't take them long to mend the rail.

  8. Very nice. Great fences. Love the rolling hills. The bail of hills.

  9. Such pretty scenes! Love those gorgeous fences along the rolling hills. The hay rolls are wonderful!

  10. Fences and hay rolls....be still my heart....

  11. We always call those big bales of hay snails! They look great when there are lots of them all in a field waiting to be gathered up don't they. xx


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