Feb 6, 2016


Super simple idea here ya'll. If you like little mason jars as much as I do, you may like this.

I started off with these clear, plain and simple little cute Mason Jars.

And sometimes, instead of clear, I use the these ones I hand stain.

I just took some little new growths of  "Hen & Chicks," (I think, no idea really about names, but someone told me they were) separated them,

 added some more good ground dirt to the jar

 and stuck them in their very own mason jar.

That was pretty much all there was to it.
Now I know this doesn't give the little plantings much room, but I don't mind transplanting them on down the road into something larger.  

But as for now, I am loving having the little brown, grubby jar sitting on my desk.

I even stuck one in this cute little dish I found at a flea market.
I love it!

Happy Crafting Ya'll,

 If you want to see I tinted the clear mason jars blue and various other colors, click here.
 Or how I made the jars n' things grubby, click here, for the previous post.


  1. I love them. I am thinking maybe a bigger jar and planting some spring bulbs as gifts for Easter. Thank you for sharing, you are certainly an inspiration.

    1. TY! Oh that would be a super cute Easter gift. And especially if you could paint the jars in pastel colors maybe!

  2. Super sweet little planters, Lisa!

  3. Such a cute idea for the mini mason jars!

    1. Thank you Michelle. I now have them sitting all around.


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