Aug 5, 2016


This is just a simple, quick post for today.  I just wanted to show how I package up some of my metal, rusty stars, magnets and such for sale using Bag Toppers.

As you see I use those little zip top baggies and place 5 in each.  And I also insert a piece of construction paper inside, behind the stars. This makes them pop just a bit.  

For the topper, I go to Avery print online and design it for free. I love that site because they actually have a bag topper section so it's pretty easy to deal with. 
 And after that, all that is left to do is just print them off, trim up , and staple them to my bags.
(HINT: Don't print in color if you can help it, to save ink, just print black on whatever color paper you want. I go with the light brown most of the time)

Here's what they look like before I staple them on:
(They have a crease at the top for bending down the back.)

 It really does make a difference, I think, in having little cute bag toppers on about any little item.

Again, here's the front:
 And here is a pic of how I type out the back.  Which Avery easily lets you do because there's no real guess work when using their layout.
 You can customize it with anything you wish. I used my ebay link for the back and my website name for here.

I just usually stick with the same topper design for a lot of items so that they all kind of coordinate for a while.  And then  a few months later I will mix it up a bit. 

And that's about all there is to it.  It does take a little bit extra time, but it really is worth it in the end.  I love how it makes something seem much more like a cute little gift already, without the gift wrap. 

Happy crafting ya'll,

-PS. I am in the process of setting up with a new co-op in a neighboring town.  I've rented 2 more booths and so I cannot wait to get the set up and snap some pics!  Coming soon!


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