Aug 15, 2016


I bought this old, wooden cheese box from the auction for $2.00 along with a few other items a while back.  It has already sold at my booth for $6.00 (thank you buyer!)
But being such an easy makeover, I thought I'd share it in case ya'll come across any type of old, wooden boxes yourself.

Here it was before:

I gave it a quick dry wash in black. I call dry washing simply only putting a sparse amount of paint on a brush, where it is kinda rough to get a good coating.  But going back and forth over it makes for good looking, old brush strokes.  I usually never put much paint on a brush for this. Opposed to a thick, deep, wet coating of paint.

See, you can still see some of the old wood showing through. I don't want so much paint as to make it look like a brand new, black box.  Just enough to give it a black undertone.

The Primitives: Blessings from our Past stencil was found on eBay.

And I used DELTA brand stencil paint, in the Heritage colors collection ,

with a makeup sponge for the wording and stars.

Super simple and now a cute shelf sitter for homes with the primitive theme.

Happy Crafting ya'll,


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