Sep 7, 2016


I recently won around 4 cases of these light switch covers at the auction.
I gave $10 a box and each box has 72 in it!
So I'm all set for a long time. Oh, did I mention that there are only two patterns?
Pink and Black Cheetah and Multi-color Cheetah?

And I now have 4 cases of these! I can make these for every season!

Here's what I did to them.

 I just spray painted them in base colors of Rustoleum paints and then stenciled on some designs.
I finished them off with a clear, varnish sealer from Folk Art.

And I placed them back in the original packages to sell them in my craft booth at my local co-op.
I priced them for $2.00 each.

Hope this gives you an idea of something to do to plain ole' light switch covers.
You can buy them at Lowes or Walmart also.

See ya'll next time,


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