Jul 23, 2018

Magnetic MAKEUP Boards

Makeup and Mini Perfume MAGNETIC BOARD

Here's a cute idea I've been seeing on Pinterest lately.
And very simple as a bonus!

I was lucky in having a metal board on hand.  I had a box of metal map signs from my craft booth. I've heard you can also use cookie sheets. Just make sure yours is the kind magnets stick to first.

Here's what I have:

The back looks like this and they already have nail holes for hanging:

First, I wiped down the metal sign with a lil bit of rubbing alcohol and let it dry.
Just to remove any bits of dust and dirt.

Then I picked a color of spray paint.
I choose this deep, gloss purple. Although I struggled with a teal at first. My sister wanted a purple one. So this the color I chose for it:

After letting that dry, we used some E-6000 glue to stick on some light purple sequins on the edges. You can buy bags of sequins in oodles of colors at Walmart in the craft section. And the glue also!

After doing a ton of sequins like this though, I'd recommend using a hot glue gun.

Then, I got some round, strong magnets, found in the craft section at Walmart, and more E-6000 glue.
I glued on the magnets to the little jars and some makeup backs. Let it dry overnight.
For the E-6000 glue I really recommend this.

Below is a pic of it with some mini perfume bottles stuck on.

My board hangs up by the little tiny nail holes in the corners.

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