About Me

Hey ya'll, I'm Lisa.
I can smell rust from a mile away. 
Guess that's good cause I run the little Craft Booth #555 where I find old things and re-do'em. 
I'm blessed because my husband loves to help me find these goodies! 
I also take Dollar Mart items and auction finds and turn them into crafts to sell for craft fairs too.

My main focus right now is staining glass, especially mason jars!
Who doesn't love a one of a kind mason jar?
 Click to view various colors!

I started out the craft booth at the Peddlers Mall, 7 years ago, and it's now at my local co-op and online here too. 

PS. I love Jesus but I cuss a little...

Leave a comment if ya' visit so I'll know you've been here. 

Here's some things that have recently been keeping me busy:
Mounting created Bloggif 
and some of these
Mounting created Bloggif

Mounting created Bloggif

And a few of these: 

Mounting created Bloggif


  1. Lisa - I really love your style! Aside from the fact that your booth number is also my "lucky" number and that you are like a "me twenty years ago" I feel you are a "kindred soul" in the world of things I know and love! I too have some quirky crafty imaginary called "Henry Lauder's Roots" - I would love to see your Caney Creatures!


I love comments! Leave one to let me know you stopped by, please. Happy Crafting! ~Lisa