Caney Creatures

in Caney Holler, back in the hills of Kentucky a few years back. 
While out in the woods/yard/fields, I kept coming across all these weird, dead insect shells, parts and pieces.  
I thought they were kinda too cool to leave out in the hills, so I wanted to make something out of'em. 

And here's a few.

 Kinda freaky, yea, but still kinda cool.

I hand make them with dead insects, twigs, animal feathers, anything
I find out in the woods along with some of my regular craft supplies and lots of imagination.

Each one is unique. Definitely a one of a kind oddity to show off in your creepy creature collection. 
Or a great one to start one out if you don't have one yet. 

Since I've had many messages about purchasing these,
look for Creepy "Caney Creatures" that I have made now on eBay.

(If currently out of stock, bookmark page because I'm instantly working on another as soon as the other sells.)

*Note: These are not real fairies or living creatures. They are hand made to be a side show gaff using my imagination and any items I find outdoors that is usable. 
No animals/insects were harmed in this making. All were found after natural life cycle and then collected.


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