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Nov 21, 2011


Here, I took some tobacco sticks that was once used to work in the fields of tobacco with, and simply cut them and made a cute little ladder. 

I used two alike sizes, close as I could find, for both sides. 

Then took a third tobacco stick, cut it into equal sections and used them as the steps. I used a nail gun with finishing nails to attach it all. 

Then simply cut off the excess nails which protruded through the back with wire cutters. It wasn't hard being as the nails were so small.

To finish it up, I took a little bit of flat black craft paint and barely applied a dash here and there to the edges. Giving it a more "prim" look. And tacked on a bit of plastic berries and a wooden star to the top right corner.

I was using this in my booth  to display ornaments, hanging them from the steps until it sold. 

Price: $7.99 SOLD

This would also be a cute display for smaller Christmas cards also! Or run a cute string of pip berry garland up and around it with some cute white lights. The uses for your country home could be endless!

And here below is a little fence I was practicing making with these tobacco sticks also:

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