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Feb 10, 2017

DIY Metallic Finish with Spray Paint on Wood

This  is a project I completed back in summer.  I never got around to posting it earlier,
but now that it's freezing outside, it's a good time to get it posted now.

I started off with these cute, wooden, white pillar columns, on the right.

Yep, they were fine like they are but I needed something darker so they'd stand out better in my lighter themed booth. And to make a more bold statement.

So I decided to give them a bronzed, metallic finish by just using Rustoleum's spray paint in Metallic, below.

One coat was all it took.  And i actually has a good, thick coating to it.  Even the grooves in the wood all took the paint good the first time.

All and all they turned out pretty good and just what I was going for.
I will be able to sit things on these that need some good attention drawn to them.
And I'm sure they will get it.

I definitely think the almost $4.00 I spent on the can of Rustoleum Metallic Spray paint was worth it.
And oh yea, one can did both of them in a good, thick coating.
Just think of the things you could use this paint on for your crafting!

See ya'll next time,

Aug 31, 2016


A while back at the auction house, I won four large totes of nothing but candles. I mean little candles, big candles, tea lights and all. I gave $7.00 per tote. Just take a look at these totes below.

Seriously, there's layers of candles in each. So I know I have enough for crafts for a while.

So to get started selling some for profit from my $7.00 totes, I decided to grungy up a batch of them.
I've done it a few different ways before, 
 ROLL in melted wax method

 Modge Podge Method

But this time I wanted a faster way, so I decided to use my candle warmer and an old candle to just dip these in. This will give them a smooth and grungy look.

Oh, I've done this dipping in wax method before with the cinnamon, grungy candy canes too!

 WAX Dipped Candy Canes

But now onto the Wax dipped, grungy candles.

 Just dip the candle down in the melted wax,

 then give it a quick roll in some cinnamon.

And dip it again to set the wax in!

Then just sit it on some wax paper to dry.

I repeated the process on some to give it a more grungy, primitive look. Others I didn't.

And that's it.
How super simple is that?  And I think they look super cute.

Here's a few more pics to see how different the colors turned out.
Oh, the candle in a jar that I melted to dip these in was a Fall scented candle, (I can't remember the name,) but it was a melted dark brown.

 I even dipped these long, skinny ones.  But I had to dip one end at a time to get it all coated by using the dipping wax jar.

Remember, if you're gonna use the jar of melted wax also,
just DIP, ROLL and DIP again to set it in.
That's it!

Sorry, right now I don't have any pics of these packaged up. But I think I'm gonna price the votives a pack of 2 for $1.50 or so.  
The grungy tealights maybe 4 for a $1.50 and the tall skinny ones probably 2 for $1.50.  
However I do it, I'm sure to make tons of profit from my $7.00 totes!

Hope this gives ya some ideas and
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Aug 5, 2016


This is just a simple, quick post for today.  I just wanted to show how I package up some of my metal, rusty stars, magnets and such for sale using Bag Toppers.

As you see I use those little zip top baggies and place 5 in each.  And I also insert a piece of construction paper inside, behind the stars. This makes them pop just a bit.  

For the topper, I go to Avery print online and design it for free. I love that site because they actually have a bag topper section so it's pretty easy to deal with. 
 And after that, all that is left to do is just print them off, trim up , and staple them to my bags.
(HINT: Don't print in color if you can help it, to save ink, just print black on whatever color paper you want. I go with the light brown most of the time)

Here's what they look like before I staple them on:
(They have a crease at the top for bending down the back.)

 It really does make a difference, I think, in having little cute bag toppers on about any little item.

Again, here's the front:
 And here is a pic of how I type out the back.  Which Avery easily lets you do because there's no real guess work when using their layout.
 You can customize it with anything you wish. I used my ebay link for the back and my website name for here.

I just usually stick with the same topper design for a lot of items so that they all kind of coordinate for a while.  And then  a few months later I will mix it up a bit. 

And that's about all there is to it.  It does take a little bit extra time, but it really is worth it in the end.  I love how it makes something seem much more like a cute little gift already, without the gift wrap. 

Happy crafting ya'll,

-PS. I am in the process of setting up with a new co-op in a neighboring town.  I've rented 2 more booths and so I cannot wait to get the set up and snap some pics!  Coming soon!

Feb 1, 2016

DIY Stamped Gift Tags

I have been on a kick recently about making stamped gift tags.  
I have all sorts of stamps I have collected over the years and they are now being put to use. 
And if you don't have the right stamp for the right occasion, 
they are super easy and cheap over on ebay.

Here's what you need:
-Plain Manilla Tags or Make Your Own 
out of stock paper and a tag punch (which I do a lot!)
I got my punch on ebay.
-Stamp of choice
( I love bakers twine and it comes in all sorts of various colors)

Then simply just get to stamping up your favorite designs! 

String it and you are done!

So super easy and the designs are only limited to your imagination really!

Here's some of my recent sets.  I tend to make them in sets of 25. 
That amount fits great in my little baggies.

Oh yea, some of them I like to "Grungy" up. 
I think it makes them a bit more primitive looking.
But you must do this before stamping, or so I've learned so that the stamped
design doesn't run.

To do so, I just mix a bit of brown craft paint into a small amount of water.
I then dip the tags down into the mix, 
lay them on a baking sheet and back for about 10 minutes in a 400* oven.

Take out, set aside and cool. And then I go back and brush on a bit of Vanilla Extract.
It takes a bit of time, but it is o'so worth it!

Here's a close up of some of my "grungy" tags:

Whether you choose to make your tags grungy or not, I'm sure they will be super cute.

These are awesome to tie onto gifts or to just decorate your primitives with.
I also even just add them as a "Made by" tag for some of my handmade crafts now and then.

Till next time,
Happy Crafting Ya'll,