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Aug 10, 2017

Faux STRAWBERRY PIE for Pantry Shelf

Hey Ya'll! Here's a recent craft I've been making that's been a hit at my local co-op. It's a faux strawberry pie. It's great to sit out on the pantry shelves or center of a table for summer d├ęcor. They are both cute and easy to make.

Here's how I do them.
You need:
-a can of Spray Foam (found in the winterizing section on home goods stores)
-any type of pie pan (I used a vintage one for this pic, but the new aluminum ones would be great also)
-fake strawberries
-wax paper
This is the Spray Foam, it's for gaps and cracks around your home.

And here's the old pie pan again from the bottom:

All you need to really do to prep for this craft is to put down a lot of wax paper underneath your pie pan.  Start off by spraying your pie pan full of the Spray Foam.  Remember it will almost double in size when dry, so keep that in mind and don't overdue it.

I tend to spin my pie pan to get an even balance to look like the filling is full and even.
Just let it sit for about 5 minutes and then you will see it start to set a bit.  This is when you can sit the fake strawberries on it. 

If you do it too soon, they will sink to the bottom! Lesson learned!

You can see in my pics, there is spray foam on the sides of the fake strawberries. 

That's because I touched the foam a bit when putting them in place. It's okay and gives it a frothy look like the topping is on them. I also took some white craft paint and touched up the spray foam to give it a more "TOPPING" look also.
 Remember, when spraying the spray foam that the spray foam will expand in size, so don't overdue it! Here's another pie I made with a fake slice of lemon.
Just spray foam color, not painted white yet.

I love using plastic strawberries, lemons and limes.

  They are my favorite pies to have sitting around.

And that's all there is to it.
Hope ya give it a try.

See ya'll next time,

Feb 1, 2016

DIY Salt Dough Cornbread Sticks

I love working with salt dough.
It's such an easy mixture and there are tons of things you can make with it.

Here is my most recent salt dough creation:

  • Just mix up some salt dough in a bowl
  • (I added some black craft paint to these sticks AFTER they were made) 
  • lightly spray a cast iron cornbread stick pan with Pam
  • press the salt dough into the cornbread pan
  • bake at 300* for approximately 45 minutes
That's it!

Let them cool and flip it over and pop them out.
Here's how they came out:
 The bottoms are smooth because I had pressed them in.
Most of mine came out easy. But there were one or two that I had to help along.

Overall, I love how they came out:

Just a neat idea to make if you like having some fake food sitting around
in those cute dishes you've collected.
And the primitive themed homes really look awesome with these cute, little simple touches!

Hope ya'll liked this idea and happy crafting until next time ya'll,