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Oct 8, 2015


Today is Good Fences link up day! 
A courtesy of the  The Run*A*Round Ranch Report

Here's a beautiful old farm I pass by now and then in Winchester, KY.
It's called the
"Nothin' Fancy Farm."
(Click on photos for a much larger view"

And if you look closely above that white sign, there appears to be another that has almost broken away. I think it once said, "Eggs for Sale."

I'm posting this with the Good Fences link up today, which is a stretch since the fence is hard to see. But there is a fence over to the left. You just gotta look for it.

And also, right on down the road from this cute, old farm is some beautiful wood plank fencing.

These fences just keep going and going in this area of the horse farms.

 I am also going to join a new linkup called Through My Lens Nr. 10