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Sep 4, 2016


Time to spruce up those plain ole' gift bags you got on clearance last year.  Here's what I recently done to a bunch. I made them into Mason Jar Stamped Gift Bags.  Mason jar anything really catches my eye and I hope they do the shoppers at my local co-op also.

Here's how the Kraft bags originally came in both green and red. The price says $3.00 but I got them at the Christmas clearance at Big Lots for 75% off.  Woot woot!

I got them for 75% off at the Christmas Clearance sale.
As you see above, I just got out my big and little Mason Jar stamps and black ink and started stamping.

I didn't have an exact idea in mind, just to stamp.
Some of them, as you see in the back, I stamped on the words, "Thank You," in case someone is using the bag as a thanks gift.

Really simple way to spruce up those plain bags I think.  And anytime I can use my Mason Jar stamps, I'm ready!

The green ones are larger, but you can't really tell from this pic. I did get two different sizes.

And to finish them off, I took some jute string and a Manila tag and tied one on each.
Ready for someone to write on.

I'm gonna tuck these in at basket at my local co-op craft booth, beside my Mason Jar crafts.
I'm thinking maybe pricing these for .99cents each? Not sure yet, but I'll give it a try and see how it goes.

Happy Crafting,
Happy Crafting Ya'll

May 5, 2015

Stamped Mason Jar Magnets

I love everything about mason jars. And when EyeballsbydayCraftsbynight recently shared a stamped magnet post, I thought of my mason jar stamps.  And how awesome some refrigerator mason jar magnets would be.

And here it is, a super easy and cheap mason jar magnet idea.

Here is what you will need.
-package of 12 wooden mason jar tags (found on ebay for around $4.00)
-e6000 glue from walmart
-round magnets found also at walmart
-black ink pad from the dollar mart
-mason jar stamp

Sorry it is sideways, I'm posting from my phone.

Okay, now it's super easy.  Start off by stamping your mason jar stamps onto your wooden mason jar tags.

Let them dry for a few minutes.

Then just glue on the round magnets to the back with the e6000 glue.  You could use other glues but for working with magnets that will get a lot of use, the e6000 forms a super strong hold that lasts.

I let the magnets dry for about 24 hours.  It's worth it because the hold is great.

And after that you are all ready to start using them.

This is really that simple and awesome of an easy craft.

I hope yall give this a try.  They turn out really cute!