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Sep 17, 2015


Here's a few shots from when I followed a cute, little, back country road a bit on a day trip.

 And then it led me to the gate entry almost overgrown.
I love coming up on country places like this.
Wow, this has made the 11th week I've joined the:
Thanks so much for hosting it!

Sep 10, 2015

My Ride to the Amish Store #10

Hey ya'll!
Today is Thursday which means time to share some ole' country fence pics. 
And much thanks to  Run*A*Round Ranch Report for hosting the weekly linkup!
For this weeks pics, I thought I'd share some back roads, country pics from the beautiful ride that leads me to our local Amish store. I love dropping in time to time to just see how things are still done without all the modern technology we are so use to.  The shelves are old wooden plank boards that are neatly stacked.  The floors are squeaky old boards that let people know where you are. I just love the ole' timely feeling. My aunt still gets her big ole' country, fresh, brown eggs here every week.
My eggs in a crock. You can leave farm fresh eggs out of the fridge as long as they have never been in one.

Here is some of what I see.
 Heading in towards the area there are tons of fences and winding roads.
Look close and you can see the worn buggy markings on the road.

Up and down hills and banks...

 Just follow the Amish buggy marks in the roads...

Then after about 30 minutes of those views above, I get to turn onto an old, country gravel drive.

 And it starts to lead me right up to the beautiful two story home, barns and silos  and the Amish store sitting right at top.

This is my favorite pic showing the side of a barn where the buggies are stored.

I didn't take any photos of the store or home on purpose because there were people outside working and children playing closeup. And it is against Amish beliefs to be photographed face on since they firmly believe in the Commandments that states, "Thou shalt not make any graven image or likeness of any thing."
And if I were to still take a photograph of them by knowing this, then there would be a burden upon me for doing so.
Maybe my next visit no one will be outside and I can show off the cute little country store.

And after purchasing my bag of oats and blackberry jam and my Aunt having her eggs in tow, we headed back out of the quaint, quiet area,

and back into modern civilization.

On our way home....

Crafts from Booth #555

Sep 3, 2015


Hey ya'll!
Today I'm joining up with  Run*A*Round Ranch Report to share some country fence photos in Augusta, KY.
Friday, (Aug. 28th) I took a ride up to the Ohio River and had lunch with my Aunt Marlene. 
Just a picnic we had packed. Home made chicken salad, Ritz crackers, chips, assorted donuts for dessert and of course, Ale-8 (most popular pop here in KY) to wash it all down with.
Then we just sat around, watching everyone come and go...
Watched the Jenny Ann ferry (oldest ferry still on the Ohio River) come and go a few times too...
(Still only $5 for a car and foot travel is free)
Click here to see a live cam view from the Augusta website.

Looked around at a few landmarks...
This is the Welcome center and Rotary Railroad Museum. Isn't it so cute?
 Visited a few shops...
I loved this little shop btw, the owner was the nicest I met all day! I could've just talked to her all day. If you ever visit, be sure to drop in Ninas!
I heard George Clooney makes his home here on the River.
I'm not a big celebrity person, but I do think that man is awesome.
I never ran into him, but my Aunt has seen him in front of this little, cute store called Nina's....
on a tv thing, gearing up for the Labor Day celebration called Heritage Days.
It was the most perfect weather ever.
And as always, I was still looking around for some cute fences. I found tons, but here are a few I loved.
I am a sucker for about any corner fence out there, so I loved this one.

As you can tell, I love old, wooden fences the most. But every now and then others catch my eye too...
Home of General John Payne
Est: 1792
Now a B&B on the river...

And here is a partial back view:

One thing is to say for sure about this town. It is just lovely.
The people are friendly and the streets were all kept very neat and tidy. Most of the shops were still ran by long time owners and you could tell they were proud of that. I just love little ole' towns like this.
I even got to sit outside one, in makeshift farming machine seats, while a tiny shop was "Gone for 5 minutes."  And they really were, lol. 

It was just an old time relaxing kinda day to let your worries go away.

Thanks again to Good Fences for the linkup!

Aug 6, 2015

Country Fences in Kentucky #5

This Old Barn and Fence

Today I am taking a short break from posting crafts to link up with Run*A*Round Ranch Report.

It has became another great hobby of mine, to just go out riding around looking for old country fences (and barns.)  And then to share some shots of some of them here with ya'll.


Thanks for stopping in and taking a look! 
Hope ya'll liked this old barn and fence as much as I did.
See ya'll next time!

Apr 30, 2015

Country Fences in Manchester, KY #2

 Happy Thursday Ya'll!

Thursday is all about fences.
And this is my 2nd fence post share-Click here for my 1st.

So today I'd like to share
some back roads, country fences from a day trip I took through lower Kentucky yesterday.
Image from Wikipedia
I drove for about 3 and a half hours and ended up in the lower end of
Manchester, Clay County.
First time I ever really drove through that county that I can remember.

It is said to be the Land of Swinging Bridges.

Well, I didn't run upon any swinging bridges, maybe next time! 
But a notable mention is that there really isn't tons of fences to get pics of.

There are tons of barns and old buildings, plenty of steep mountain sides
and curvy roads but not a lot of fences.

These are a few that are close to the Happy Chandler Rd.
 It is named after KY politician, Albert Benjamin "Happy" Chandler, Sr.

 And then we started headed back up, into town again:

 And finally back on my way home sweet home.

Well, that's all for today.
I am going to go restock my Etsy shop with some
hand made earrings.

Happy Crafting ya'll!

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