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Apr 20, 2015

DIY Primitive Sidechair

Do you have an odd chair sitting around?
Need to fix up an entry spot?
This will do, and it's easy to!

A Simple DIY Primitive Sidechair

Here is a single, scuffed up $2.00 chair that I won at the local auction house:
I liked how it already had the popular black and wood colors. A must with primitive decorating.

And I thought I could do just a little bit to it to make it a wantable chair.

So I got out my stencils and paint.  
I used oil based stencil paint, btw. After it dries it is very durable.

But those stars above weren't large enough so I had to find another.

I use these a lot!

After I stenciled this "OLDE CROW PRIMTIVES" and Star on, I let it sit and cure (dry) for 24 hours.

Then I applied an all purpose paint sealer, found in the craft section at Walmart.

It will help seal it all in a bit.

 I also took some medium grade sandpaper and scuffed up the legs a bit more.

And that was all to it.
Nothing special, but it is a little bit better than just one plain odd chair.

This primitive side chair is for sell in my Peddlers Mall 
Thank you