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Nov 21, 2011


Here's another cute checkerboard wall hanging picture I made.
(Here's the last one I made, if you missed it in black and yellow. )

It started out as a beachy scene picture I won from an auction for $1.00. (Sorry, I started painting too fast and didn't remember a before pic...) And since it is like a canvas print, I was able to just paint right over it with craft paint.

It did take two good base coats to get it covered.

I just Delta Stencil paint for the checkerboard.

But the stencil  I bought from eBay.
The color I used for the checker blocks is called BARN RED:
Sometimes when I run out of it, I will fall back to the Paprika color.

Here's a close up of how the Barn Red checker blocks came out:
The Delta stencil paint takes a while to dry because it is oil based.

The rest of the supplies was basic craft paint from Walmart for the base coat, makeup sponges (instead of brush to stencil with,) and the brush to paint the base color with.

And the color for the base, if I forgot to mention it, was Territorial Beige.

And here is the checkerboard again, all finished up.

I think it turned out pretty neat looking. And it adds a punch of color to the wall.

Price: 9.99 SOLD in my Peddlers Mall Booth.
Thank You.
Happy Crafting ya'll,

Nov 17, 2011

Primitive Old Crow Gameboard

Here's a recycled "menu board" from a restaurant. 

I painted it black and made it into a primitive game board. 

I got the checkerboard stencil off from eBay.

And stenciled on the saying, "Old Crow Game Board Co." that I got off from eBay also.

 The top may look upside down to you, but I made it like that so it can really be played.
 A usable item for sure!

I just loved it.

But, being such a large size I couldn't find a good sitting place in my house to keep it.

 So I put it up for sale in my Peddler's Mall Booth#555.

PRICE: $19.99
Thank You!