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Aug 6, 2014

$30 Primitive Cabinet

It's still unfinished yet I still like it. I may leave it this way.

With the high prices of primitive looking, plain furniture in our area, I thought I'd give it a shot and make one. Try that is! lol.

Here's some simple shots I took as I went. So maybe if you want to give it a try, you can see it wasn't really that hard.

I grabbed my supplies at Lowes hardware store, in the unfinished pine section. Just using my eye to figure out what I wanted.

I cut some simple, upside down V shapes in the sides to give it a country look. Very simple. I used a jigsaw and just kind of eyed it.
The photo above is the top. I had to use two pieces of wood to fully cover it because I didn't have one wide enough.

Little crooked cutting, but it's okay. It's in a primitive, country theme. lol. That's what is so great!
I put some very thin sheet of lu-on board on the back. It is so thin it's very splintery. And I heard it is what goes down on floors underneath some, as a sub-floor. And cheap! Also found in Lowes.
And here it is, a $30 Primitive Cabinet!
Not positive just yet, if I'm going to paint it or not. I may leave it plain ole' pine for now and just see.

Happy Crafting Ya'll!

Sep 6, 2012

DIY Primitive Rolling Pin Holder

I've been making a few wood crafts lately. Well, trying to. And here's my latest one. 
It's a rolling pin holder. 
I had an idea for it when flipping through a magazine and saw a similar one. But that one had a heck of a price tag. And I immediately thought, "I wander if I could make that?"

So I just looked at the pic, which is actually quite different, but has the basic same "bone structure." Then I drew out a sketch directly onto the wood for the first side, (that holds the pins.) Then I cut it out with my band saw thing. 
Make sure to lay the pin in the grooves to get a good deep sitting that will fit before you finish!

 Then it was easy to just lay that piece directly on top of the other side and trace it, so that they would be the exact same. Then I just played with different sizes of wood for the top until I got it looking how I wanted it.

I used finishing type nails to construct it, so that they weren't be that visible. Then I painted it a basic black and added a cute stenciled saying, "Primitives, Blessings from our past."

I priced this for $24.99 in my Peddlers Mall booth, but then I brought it back home the following day. I didn't want to part with it. lol. I now am using it to hold my "Vintage" styled rolling pins. 
CLICK here to view them!

Happy Crafting Ya'll!
See ya next time,