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Aug 10, 2013


Since making my last Old Window Makeover post, I've been inspired to try something new. And this time it is a vintage window with the glass left intact. I am turning it into a decoration piece saying, "General Store," to hang in my laundry room.

Here's how it went.

I started out with a plain, old wooden window. I left the glass in it this time. The only "work" I done on the window frame itself, was to add a sawtooth hanger to the back.

Here it is before:
The other side had less peeling paint, so I made it the front.

After making up my mind that I wanted to put "General Store" on it, I printed out the words using Microsoft Word. I kept playing with it until I got the size right. I then taped the printed out papers underneath the window and outlined the words "General Store," with a black permanent marker. This helped me tremendously to get the wording kinda centered.

Then I just peeled off the tape, and colored the rest of the words in with the same black, permanent marker. So easy!

It was very simple. The permanent marker dried really quick. The only aggravating part was that you have to make small markings to fill in all the words really good.

But other than that, SUPER EASY!

Oh, and then I took a plastic, red and white checkered place mat and put it on the backside of the window with some clear packaging tape. Just a few pieces, one on each edge. This way it made the words really stand out. And since my kitchen area and laundry room are joined, the red and white checkered matches my kitchen!

And here it is again, all finished, from a little farther back.

That is all directly above my washer and dryer. I think it looks really cute. And I added the old crock and red handled rolling pin to try and tie it in with the kitchen decorations.

And there you have it, an old kitchen window makeover for my laundry room. Hope you find some old windows here or there to re-do. I got this window, along with 4 others, for only $2 each at a yardsale a while back.

To see what I done with the other 4 windows I had, click here.

Oct 19, 2012

Old Window Makeover

Here's what I started with. I found 5 of these old windows at a yard sale for only $2 each.
  I knew I either wanted to make mirrors out of them or display racks like I've seen in a few craft blogs.
Well, I went with the display racks because I need some more display room in my Peddlers Mall booth.
 I very carefully knocked out the glass in two of them by putting the windows down inside of a big ole cardboard box. A very skinny one. The wicker table had came in it and it was perfect. I then hit on the sides of the box with a rubber hammer until all the glass was pretty much broken out. This way the glass didn't fly around and I didn't have a mess to clean up afterwards either.
 Next, I put some chicken wire on the backside of them both. I stapled it on with a big ole staple gun from Lowes. Then I stenciled on the "Primitive" saying at the top. On one of them I cut some fabric and added a little curtain to make it more country. The other I left plain. And that's the one I like best.
And here it is. I use those metal "S" hooks to hang items on these in my booth. They save me alot of space and look so cute for displaying about anything!