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May 28, 2014

Simplify Sign from Old Drawer

Salvage a drawer front to a Simplify Sign!

This was a fake drawer, at the top, right under the kitchen sink. You know, the long one that doesn't really open. When we were redoing our kitchen, I saved all the wood I could for future projects and this is one of the easy ones.

I simply took the drawer front and put on one coat of flat, black paint from the Walmart paint section. The kind you have to paint on with a brush.

Next, after drying, I took a large "Simplify" sign and stenciled it on using some yellow stencil paint from the Heritage Brand collection. I love that stencil paint, but it is a little greasy based and needs time to dry. Probably about 24 hours.

And after letting it sit to dry, I also took some of the yellow stencil paint and touched around all of the edges to make a little more "worn" looking effect.

And here it is all finished. All I need to add is a sawtooth hanger on the back.

I am pricing this cute SIMPLIFY sign in my Booth #555 (Like me on Facebook) at the Morehead Peddlers Mall for $9.99.

And remember, you can also stay up to date on items I make for my craft Booth #555 by keeping up with me on Facebook also!

See you round' and Happy Crafting!

Jul 7, 2012

Old Lantern Makeover

I took an old, green lantern and painted it black here and added a night light electric light. I then replaced the regular night light with a old fashioned flicker bulb. This way it looks as if a real flame is flickering.
I just love it. I also tied a piece of homespun fabric to the top.

Price: 14.99 in my craft booth.

Happy Crafting ya'll,

Jan 3, 2012

PRIMITIVE Makeover of Window Treatment

My latest makeover project is a little wooden window frame I picked up for $2.00.
Dust, dried flowers and all.

Heres the before:

First thing I had to do was to tear out all the old dusty flowers and ribbons. And oh yea, the tons of glue that held on the styroafoam the dried flowers were stuck in. 
That took the longest.

Second thing I did was to paint the entire window a flat black.
Then I took some pieces of fabric and made a makeshift set of curtains on it.
I simply stapled them in place on the back.

I also used a stenciled saying I got from eBay and put on the front that says, "Primitives Blessings from our Past.
I just love that one and use it a lot.

Then I put a little electric candle in it with a prim bulb and a bit of grapevine as decoration.

And here's the after:

Price after makeover: $24.99
Sold in my Booth#555

Nov 21, 2011


I picked up these cute little plain metal stars at the local sale.
And I decided to put some primitive looking snowmen on them.

Just kind of free hand them.

 And I took a little piece of crafters wire and simply tied on a hanger.

I love replacing the "coal buttons" with star buttons.
 I think it just makes it look more primitive.

These are for sale in my Peddlers Mall Booth #555.
Price: $2.99 each SOLD

Nov 17, 2011

COAL BUCKET with Snowman

Here's an old metal coal bucket I won from a local auction for only $2.00. 
It was a flat, silvery, tin color when I got it. 

I painted it up in a gloss black first. 
Then I took a toothbrush and flicked some white paint drippings on it from the brush effect.  Just dip the toothbrush in some watered down white paint, hold your finger over it, running it down the bristles and flick the paint on. 
It ends up looking like snow.

Then I painted a stencil saying on that I got from eBay, "Primitives, blessings from our past."
 And lastly, I free-handed a primitive looking snowman on with stars as buttons. 

I just love painting snowmen on anything. lol.
Oh, as you can see in the pic below, at the top left,
I had finished this up by putting a coat of sealer on it.
It's found in the craft paint section.
And it just gives it a coating of protection against scratches.

PRICE: $14.99 in my Peddlers Mall Booth#555