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Mar 11, 2015

DIY: Vintage Hymnal Easter Eggs

Here is a super fun and easy way to make some primitive themed Easter eggs out of old, vintage hymn papers.

I like to fill up my old crocks sitting around with these, year round, but especially as Easter approaches.

All you need is:
-Plastic eggs (easy to find those Easter eggs in many stores right now by the bags)
-Elmers Glue
-Hymn Papers (Original or find some online free to print!)
 -Paintbrush (to mix the glue and water up)
-bowl of water

That's it! Now here comes the fun and the mess.

My plastic eggs before:

My plastic eggs after:

1. All you need to basically do is to take your Elmers glue  and mix it with water. Kind of making your own Mod Podge so to say. Not too thick and not too thin. I guess I do about half and half. 

2. Then tear up your hymn papers into small section strips. You could cut them like I first did for the pic, but I think the torn edges look best. And that's what I ended up doing afterwards.

3. Then drop them into the bowl of water/Elmers glue mixture and let them sit a minute or so. To get easier to work with.

4. Then just apply the strips, one by one to the egg. 
Pic below still shows my cut strips, but I love the torn look best!

It will take a few eggs to get the real hang of it, but once you do it goes by much faster.
I end up cupping my hand and squeezing out the watery/glue mix to make the edges lay flatter.
Cover it entirely.
Just kind of stick them right on, all over the egg.

Don't worry about the little crevasses and raised wrinkles. 
It just adds to the Prim look.

HINT: I prop mine up in pop lids, the metal ones to hold while they dry.
They work great!

Then just sit it over on the wax paper to dry. 
And wa~la. You are done.

I hope you find it fun to give this a try.  It really is a cool way to transform those unwanted, leftover Easter eggs everyone usually has sitting around also.  And a great way to display them year round!

Adding these to a wreath would also be a great Easter craft idea as well!

Happy Crafting!

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Primitive Easter Eggs




Primitive Country EGGS

Mar 6, 2013

Primitive Easter Eggs

I am in the crafting mood! lol. Seems like I just can't get enough crafts done this week. Today, I made some more Primitive Easter Eggs for my local craft booth.

If you'd like to make some adorable Easter eggs in the prim style, here's how I done it.

I started out with some plain, brownish crafting eggs. 

They look like this and I buy them in bulk packages of 40.

Then, I paint on a first coat in an acrylic color. Then on a few, I dry brushed on a few streaks of another color, to give it a more prim look. I stick with base colors such as greens, browns and reds.
Then, to add a country look. I load a toothbrush with some off white and fling little dots of color all over some. This was a great tip I still recall from my high school art teacher!

Next I draw on my sayings consisting of, "fresh eggs, free range, 5 cents, ect." Or I will stencil on some stars using my Delta stencil paint. And then let all that dry.

And finally, all that is left to do is match them up in sets of two, package them in a cello bag and tie them off with a bit of homespun fabric.

And wa~la. Here's some cute Primitive Easter Eggs ready to go into my craft booth at the Peddlers Mall.

Here's some more pics of them finished. I don't know why I can't keep all my eggs in a basket. lol.

Thank ya'll for stopping in.
 See ya next time,

Aug 28, 2012

Primitive COUNTRY Easter Eggs

Here's some country eggs I made that would be great to display at Easter or anytime throughout the year.

They started out as plain ole' plastic crafting eggs.  I order them in huge bags like this.

Here they are out of the bag:

They are just plain, lightweight, plastic eggs. They do not come apart like Easter eggs do.  But if you have them on hand, I'm sure they will work fine too.

These take a little more time than I thought they would, but in the end they are so worth it. 
You basically have to handle each one, and paint them, one side at a time.
Some I used the crackle effect with Elmers glue to give them a different look. So that was extra messy.

Some I wrapped in twine or fabric and hot glued buttons on them.

They look awesome in an old bowl or crock, displayed in a kitchen or dinning room also.

Some are hand painted by me, then dipped in a smell good, waxy country mixture of cinnamon and the others are fabric wrapped (which takes a bit of time.)

These have became a  best seller in my Booth #555. Since I first posted this article, I have had to increase their price slightly from $1.49 to $2.49. I figured after the time I spent one on one with each egg it was worth it. lol. Still a bargain, I think. 

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See ya'll next time,