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Apr 23, 2015

DIY Greenhouse from Scraps : It's Ugly but it Works

It's chilly here today, so I'm not doing much crafting.
The wind is kicking in too and with the 50* temps, I'm just not feeling it.

But I'd like to show you some pics of my "make do" greenhouse outback. It is sort of a larger craft~
It's ugly but it works!

Seriously, try not to laugh. I was going for a hoop house design, lol.
But ended up just happy that it was standing!

I mean, it's growed the goodies already and it cost me nothing, zip, zero to build!
I used the crap laying around from our remodeling days.

The best kind ever right?
Oh yea, I had to buy a few rolls of duck tape.

Here's how it's basically made.
2x4's and Black Water Line
Basic little squarish bottom from old lumber pieces of 2x4's.
 You see that black, flexible piping? That is the black waterline that connects our homes to the city water source.
When we moved here, (way back in the country,) we had to buy and run our own at our expense. So we had to buy the large rolls like the city buys. So we had lots left over.
It's strong and flexible and cuts easy. It's also easy to drive a nail through!
See how it twists and bends so easy. But oddly, when connected together it forms a strong hold.
 1x3's and DUCK TAPE:
Next we laid a few 1x3's along the top and sides to brace it. I just used duck tape to secure the black piping to the boards.

Oh here a pic, ignore the star.

Here's a link to making these Tobacco Stick Stars!

and a bit closer:
The 1x3's come in a bundle at Lowes pretty cheap, like around $10 a bundle. I had some left over from making a flower trellis.
After a few in place it was getting pretty sound.
Then just take a big ole roll of plastic, found at Lowes, Walmart or sometimes Biglots (ours came from Biglots right before winter,) and start wrapping the frame.
I went from side to side. Like from the left front side, over the top, to the right front side.
I used lots of clear packaging tape and the duck tape to stick it here and there when needed inside.
Tape the crap out of it. No one will ever see it......
Well, that's what I thought and now here I am sharing it to the world. lol

Another thing I did was poke tiny holes here and there and stick in zip ties to help hold the plastic to the black piping:
Zip Ties and in the way back left, you can see a green bungee cord. I'm hoping if the wind kicks up, these bungee cords will help hold this big old air bubble in place.
Oh, do you see that cute Tobacco Stick Chair?
Here's how I made that!

*One thing I forgot to mention is to not attach the sides of the plastic at the bottom.*
You will need to raise these pieces up to let the greenhouse vent when it is super hot!
So just leave the strands hanging down and lay a brick or something on it when you need to keep them down.

Now, I am thinking of making a make do screen door for the front. That may just help it out a bit!
But for now I'm happy.

PS. I am building a second one!!! Stay tuned!

Let's take a look inside:

I try to use the cheapest things I can when planting seeds. And these little styrofoam cups are cheap. I just stick holes in them to let the water drain. And I tear of the top ridges. I just don't like them on for some reason. lol
I also save those carboard type eggshell trays. But they are a bit tricky when wet to handle. And you can't leave the seeds in very long after they sprout because they don't hold much dirt.
This is trays (OLD GLASS WINDOW) on the ground inside. I laid a bottom layer of plastic on the ground too.

And here is a shout out to my hubby. I don't know why he puts up with me wanting to build all this crap, but I'm sure glad he does. Especially after his long 13 hour work days.
Me and my Hubby with a hammer!

Now, for my Thursday Link Up, if you've made it down this far:

Here is a cute old wooden fence outside of my uncle's home last summer:

I am joining in on the Good Fences Link Up below:

Dec 7, 2011


Here is my Tobacco Stick Star

I used some of the old tobacco sticks I had laying around.
 I had my husband nail them with a nail gun in the shape of stars.  

The basic star pattern, laid out on the ground. 
Here they are in full size, laid out. For this door star I had to cut the full size sticks down.

For decoration, I added a handmade bow and glued on some gold beads and here you have it.

But after looking at it with the beads, I really prefer it plain with some homespun ribbon instead of the fancy, gold bow.

It's for sale in my Peddlers Mall Booth #555
Price: $9.99 Sold 

Here are a few more tobacco stick stars that I made without anything fancy:
I just dry brushed on some red paint to the edges and added a grapevine wreath to the center

This is one plain before I did any painting or decorations. I sell them like this also. They are great hanging on barns and sheds.
Here is a larger tobacco stick star that I had him nail together so I could stick it around behind my flowers for interest. 

For those of you that don't know what a tobacco stick is. It is actual sticks that are sharpened to a point on each end. 
They were used when growing fields of tobacco. 
And after the cutting of the tobacco in the fields, the sticks (along with spears on the ends) would be shoved through the stalks of the tobacco, one by one, until the sticks were full of tobacco, and then that is how the tobacco was hung in the barns to cure.
Anyways, I cut the ends of each stick (because they are pretty long) and shortened them to make a small enough star for my door.