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Oct 21, 2013

Old Crow Primitive Toolbox

These old looking toolboxes are a hot seller in my Peddlers Mall booth. Usually as soon as I make one, the tend to sale within 2-3 days.

I display them in ways to show how they are actually useful. Usually I tuck a handful of Country Sampler magazines in them. But for some of the cuter ones I've made, I tucked hand towels in them in the gingham pattern. A cute addition to a country kitchen, I thought. And you could also stash away some vintage kitchen utensils in these.

Anyways, I love making these little old looking toolboxes.  Keep in mind that I do not go by exact measurements on these. I just kind of wing it when cutting the boards. I think it gives a more prim look anyways.

And I almost always finish them off by stenciling on some type of design. For this one I chose the old black crow and black stars theme.

And here it is sitting beside a tobacco stick, tabletop tree with matching yellow pip berries:

Happy Crafting Ya'll!

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Primitive Barnwood Tool Box

Oct 22, 2012

Old Wood Toolbox (Simplify)

This is an old vintage, wooden toolbox that I've painted in a more prim look. It came to me in a faded whiteish' colored wood, totally covered in grease spots and the inside was terrible. I didn't even think to take a before pic because as soon as I got it home, I started cleaning and painting it.

I painted it with a brush, with a flat black. Then I stenciled on the "Simplify" saying and the star. Next, I roughed it up around all the edges & handle with some medium grade sand paper.

Then I sealed it with a light shade of varnish/stain combo. Let it dry and here it is. It's for sale in my Peddlers Mall booth for $24.99.
Update: Sold

I displayed magazines in this at my booth. It would be great for many other uses as well though.

Nov 21, 2011


I drew out a sketch of a toolbox that I wanted my husband to throw together for me. Just a basic, simple shaped box with a handle. And he did.

We used an old tobacco stick for a handle.  Drilling the holes in the old barn lumber was really the hardest part.  Because that wood is so old and hard!

I just love it!
I kept one for myself to store Country Sampler magazines in down in the living room.

And the other one, pictured above is for sale in my Peddlers Mall booth.

Price: $15.95 Sold in my Booth #555
Thank You

Here are a few more things I put together from old barn lumber if you are interested, you can see them here.
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