Mar 2, 2013

TOBACCO Stick Flag

I love using tobacco sticks in my crafts. I've made tobacco stick chairs, trees and stars. Today I thought I'd give a shot at making an Americana flag.

First, I asked my husband to nail each one together, one by one. Then cut off one end kinda straight. Then here's what it looked like when I got a hold of it:

Next, I took some white acrylic paint and mixed it 5% to 95% all purpose sealer (found in the craft section.) It kinda forms a gel stain typa thing. 

Then I began to paint every other tobacco stick with the gel stain mixture, like so:

Then, after every other one had their first coat. I went back in and did a second coat. Why? Well because tobacco sticks are very dry wood. And they really soak up the first coat.

I really love how the paint mixed with the all purpose sealer looks. It's not too bright, not too dim. It kinda ads a white wash look to it.

Then I thought about how to add some stars. So sticking with the Americana theme, I choose to do one large barn red star surrounded by four navy blue ones. So I got out some star stencils and my Delta brand oil based paints that I use for stenciling.

And here's a pic of the tobacco stick American flag, after the stars are stenciled on:

After the stencil paint dried completely, I gave it a light sanding with some pieces of medium grade sandpaper. Nothing major, just some here and there roughness to make the stars look a bit worn.

And here it is. The final pic of my try at making an Americana flag out of tobacco sticks:

Note: I was inspired to paint every other one white, from a post I saw on Pinterest here. Where she'd made a flag out of boards. It was super cute!

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Mar 1, 2013

Vintange Styled Rolling Pins

Of course these aren't genuine vintage rolling pins. I know they don't even look close, but they were my shot at adding a little character to the brand new ones. I love rolling pins. I have them stashed here and there all over my house. But I don't care for them much, when they are brand new and plain. Now the older ones, I'll never touch with a paint brush. lol. Just the new ones.  I got mine at the local Dollar Mart for only $1.39 each. Awesome! Here's one in the brand new form:

First I painted each handles a kitcheny color. I went with regular red, blue and colonial green.

Then I took a lead pencil and drew on a few sayings. The "Dairy" idea stemmed from a photo of a board I saw over at a blog called  MissMustardSeed, where my total inspiration for this post came from, actually!Her blog is awesome, btw, and you definitely should check it out!

Then I painted in the letters with an off white, let it dry, then lined each outline in the matching color. I skipped finishing the blue handled one for now because I have other plans for it soon! :-)

Next, after all dried, I took some light grained sand paper and roughed them up a bit. Then I stirred up a mixture of approximately 95% all purpose sealer and 5% acrylic brown paint. This is what I use instead of the gel stain that is on the market. It probably doesn't work as great, but it fits my needs.

Then I brushed it on in light, even strokes. Just one coat done it for me on each. See the next pic of the difference of one with and one without.

You can always mix the homemade gel stain a little darker or lighter as needed. Just increase the amount of paint you add to the sealer.

I let them dry, then hang them up on my hand made rolling pin holder. (CLICK HERE to view the post where I made rolling pin holder.) And wa~la. Here they are.

What do you think? Do you like the plain ones or the painted ones best?

Feb 26, 2013

Zebra Chair | Time Out Kids Chair

Today's makeover is a cute "Time Out" chair, zebra style.

It started out as an ugly blue/pink heart doll chair, I believe. I had it in my booth for about a month and no one wanted it. Here's a pic of the before, just after I sprayed one strand of white on it... lol. I'm no good at the "before" pics. I usually forget them. But here it is:

I hated the blue/pink/hearts theme, so I thought why not go wild, zebra style? And off I went. I began with a base color of glossy white. I always use the Rustolem brand from Walmart. It runs about $3.75 per can here, but it's well worth it.

Then after all was dry, I began free handing on some zebra stripes with some acrylic Apple Barrel brand craft paint. FYI: for future paintings of thin lines, I am going to use some other type of paint. I had to steadily go back and repaint each line because the lines weren't black enough. Two coats on something this tedious is just too much for me. lol.

Anyways, after about 30 minutes of drawing little zebra lines, or trying to, lol, I finally added the words, "Time Out," to the top. I just used a lead tipped pencil to write it out first. That way, I knew if it would look somewhat centered and would fit before the paint. Then traced over the letters with the same black paint.

And my last and final step was to seal it. This way, in case it really gets used, it can withstand some wear and tear. I used an all purpose sealer from Delta Ceramcoat. Its great on wood and other surfaces too and dries clear. Which is great. Just don't use a heavily soaked big brush for this, because if the black paint gets too wet, since it's craft acrylic, it will run. But like I did, I used a medium straight brush and only put on a thin coat at once, in sections. And it didn't smear the black paint.

Here's the final look at my Zebra Time Out Chair:

Hope you find some sort of inspiration and redo an old unused piece of furninture like this. If you do, please send me a link to it. I'd love to see! :-)

~Happy Crafting!

Feb 15, 2013

Grungy Tags Recipe Without Tea or Coffee

I've been making my own old grungy tags for a while now. And I've seen many posts on ways to get the grungy look. Some of them involve coffee, some involve tea or such. Well, my recipe doesn't use either. It may be since I don't drink either. lol. And I've just learned to try to use what's close at hand. Oh, in the past, I did however borrow some coffee from my aunt and tried that, but I didn't like the smell.

Anyways, here's how I make my new white string tags look old and grungy.

I start out with these stark, white tags found in the office section at WalMart:

Then I mix up a bowl of "grungy stuff." It consists of approximately 75% water and 25% Apple Barrel acrylic paint, in the color of Nutmeg Brown. The water is a little thick, when I get it just right.
Then I dip each one in the mix and lay them out on an old cookie sheet. Then I even take my paintbrush and dab on extra "grungy stuff," to make sure they are grungy enough for my liking. Don't worry about the other side, they will also get good color from the baking in the next step.
Then I set the oven to 400* and stick them in.
And then I wait. Keeping a good eye on them, since I have the oven at 400*. Usually it only takes about 8-10 minutes until they start to crisp up and appear totally dry. Mine usually look like this below:

And then after I let them cool for a minute or two, I get out my stamps and ink. I like to use the "Old Crow," bird stamp and the "Weeping Willow Tree," stamp most of the time.

I ordered my stamps from eBay and got my ink at the local Dollar Mart. I only stamp one side so that I can put my booth # and price on the other. And to keep a clean work area, I lay out some strips of wax paper.
A little thing I do time to time, mostly around spring, is to add some candle "oil flavorings" (found at Walmart in the candle section) to the tags after they dry and before the stamps go on. I just brush it on with a regular paint brush. And boy, does it make my tags smell good. As soon as you walk in my Booth #555 the aroma hits you. I usually use food flavorings such as butterscotch rum to do this. I read somewhere that alot of people have allergies (including me) and yet the food smells tend to bother them way less than any flower smell. And when a shopper is smelling a great food smell, they may linger longer in your booth! lol. Here's to hopeing!

Happy Crafting ya'll.

Jan 28, 2013


I started off with these plain white, battery operated tea-lights. Unfortunately, I didn't know they lit up green until I got the entire case of them home.... 
But since I made these around the Christmas holiday, I didn't mind.
First thing I did was give the "flame" a more country look. Especially since I realized they lit up green. lol. I took some clear silicone (the higher priced one, not the white caulk kind) and mixed in some cinnamon spice in a throw away bowl.

Just mix it until it's a nice smooth brown color. No real recipe here. Just play around with it. It should look something like this:

Then I took the little candles, one by one, and hand dipped each flame. I just stuck it in, twirled it once and pulled it straight out, in an upward motion. Kinda fast, so that it gives a nice tip to the flame.
I let them sit and dry in the sun for a few hours. It took longer than I thought for the 100% silicone to dry. But well worth the time.

Then after they were finally dry, I took them inside and got together a mixture of Mod Podge and Cinnamon. I just kinda mixed it together on a piece of wax paper. Little at a time as I used it like so:
And I dapped it on with a large, fluffy brush, all around the base of the battery operated tea-light.

But as you see in the pic above, the cinnamon wasn't really clinging to the base. So then I even added a few extra shakes of the cinnamon straight to the candle to make it more grungy, while the Mod Podge was still wet.

Keep in mind, you can keep layering the candle base with these steps. And even can get the stuff on the bulb as I did in the pic above, it didn't hurt. Being as it was basically the same mixture, it blended right in.

And here they are afterwards. Some I sealed with an extra coat of Mod Podge and others I left with the dry Cinnamon look. I really prefer the ones on the left in this pic below. I think the Mod Podge gave it a more finished look.

And here's a few more pics of the finished project. Since for some reason, I snapped like a billion pics of them. lol. It was a great project to do though. Easy and fun. A definite, "you can't mess up" project. My fav. kind...

As you see, for a more finished touch for packaging for my Booth #555 at the Peddlers Mall, I put each in it's own plastic bag. 
I get these bags at Walmart, in the cup cake decoration aisle. They fit perfectly. Then I take a bit of homespun fabric and tie up the tops.

Since I got my battery powered tea-lights at a wholesale auction, I could afford to price them at only a $1.00 each. I love having dollar items in my Booth #555. It kinda gives a little cheapie item you can grab on impulse, but yet looks great for the money.

These are for sale in my Booth#555,
$1.00 Each

Below is a photo of these cute little lights in my bathroom.
I placed them in hanging Mason Jars.
And since they were green, they will be awesome night lights around Halloween!

If you get around to making these, let me know how yours turned out!
~Happy Crafting ya'll,

Jan 27, 2013

Old PIANO BENCH Repurposed

This is a photo of my finished piano bench. 

I'm still searching my camera for the before, which I do have somewhere in the 10 million

I basically took the old, dry looking, plain wood piano bench and started off with a good thick coat of black, outdoor paint. Brush on type, not spray paint.I wanted to give it a coating that will stand for some time. Even though it's an indoor item, I do that very often.

Then I waited an entire day for it to dry outside.

 Then I hunted through my stencil drawer to see what would look cute. 

I went with the theme of, "Old Crow Game Board Co." And threw in the miniature checkerboard.

Then I ruffed up the edges with sand paper on almost every edge. Then lastly, after all was dusted with a dry rag, to remove the sanding dust. I coated the entire top with a matte sealer.

I was happy to see this item fly from my Booth #555 within just a few days. 
Price was $24.99

It makes me super happy when someone buys my hand painted items that quick. Keeps me in the mood for painting more.

~Happy Crafting!

 another piano bench that I did in basically the exact same way with just a different look: 

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