Apr 20, 2015

DIY Primitive Sidechair

Do you have an odd chair sitting around?
Need to fix up an entry spot?
This will do, and it's easy to!

A Simple DIY Primitive Sidechair

Here is a single, scuffed up $2.00 chair that I won at the local auction house:
I liked how it already had the popular black and wood colors. A must with primitive decorating.

And I thought I could do just a little bit to it to make it a wantable chair.

So I got out my stencils and paint.  
I used oil based stencil paint, btw. After it dries it is very durable.

But those stars above weren't large enough so I had to find another.

I use these a lot!

After I stenciled this "OLDE CROW PRIMTIVES" and Star on, I let it sit and cure (dry) for 24 hours.

Then I applied an all purpose paint sealer, found in the craft section at Walmart.

It will help seal it all in a bit.

 I also took some medium grade sandpaper and scuffed up the legs a bit more.

And that was all to it.
Nothing special, but it is a little bit better than just one plain odd chair.

This primitive side chair is for sell in my Peddlers Mall 
Thank you

Apr 17, 2015

Five Random Flower Shots for Friday

Here is my random, Five on Friday to share.
 (Sorry not a craft post, but I am loving this Five on Friday thing!)

I choose to share some photos of the new life bursting around my yard.
Flowers bring me so much peace... maybe because my late Mom loved them so much also. So it's kinda like I'm still in the flowers with her sometimes.

I am still super bad with flower names, but I do know one thing, I love them all!
Sticks of a yellow Forsythia bush close to my house. It's sadly going to have to be moved as it is seeding and growing and trying to takeover others.

These are a welcome sign that spring is really here! Love these. Can't remember the names though.

I know people hate these little dandelions in their yard, but I love seeing them pop up!

Blooms from my miniature cherry tree are so beautiful close up.

Not sure the name of this little purple guy, but I love seeing them pop up all over the yard in Spring.

I'm linking up to the wonderful, Five on Friday below:

Apr 16, 2015

Red Handled Rolling Pins & Momma Groundhog

The pin on the left is from the Dollar Mart for $1.00. The pin on the right is a flea market find for $3.00 that was previously yellow handled. I painted both. The older one looks more glossy because of the previous coat it had.
 Today I'll share a super easy craft that really makes a difference.
 All it takes is 3 basic things:

A plain $1.00 wooden rolling pin from the Dollar Mart:
$1.00 at the Dollar Mart
 Some Barn Red glossy paint that I found at Big Lots.
Paint was $2.00 at Big Lots
 And a paintbrush.

Super easy as you see. Just paint on the red, glossy handles and let it dry.
I forgot to mention sandpaper above.
Ater this photo, when it all dried, I did go back with a little strip of medium sandpaper and rough up the handles a bit to give it a more worn look. 
And that was it!

What a difference a little red paint can make on a dollar rolling pin!
 I am a big collector of rolling pins. Mainly plain ones and red ones. It's hard not to keep all of these!

I price these Red Handled Rolling Pins in my
Booth#555 for $3.99

Oh, and before I go, I thought I'd share a few more pics from my yard.
Since my photo of my Momma Groundhog got a few comments in my Friday Five Random Things,
I thought I'd share a few more of her today.

Here, Momma Groundhog was posing for the camera.

And here she is on the far right, sitting with three little ones.
Yes, there's 3. Look close, the difficult one turned its head just as I snapped this. Kids!
 And then here she is taking it easy away from her kids.
I'm guessing this is Momma's relaxation time while the kids were sleeping or off playing.
 And up close a bit. She loves this spot. And seems to have no worries.

We can't bushhog or weed eat behind the trellis because that is where one of her little dens is they all come out of all the time.

Apr 13, 2015

Comments Are My Reward | Award Free Blog

I am so happy and honored that people have considered my blog to be award worthy.  And especially happy that they have taken time out to nominate me for such awards. 
But sadly I must decline.

It's not that I don't love getting these awards. It is the rules that come along with them.  I often feel pressured to "pass this award on" and to link back to ____"  It kind of makes me feel like I am caught up in a chain letter of such.

So for those simple reasons I am declaring my blog an Award Free Blog.  Please do not have hard feelings for this decision.  As I am grateful for anyone taking time to read, comment and sending me those awards.  It's just that I don't like the chain letter feeling.  So I must pass, but with a kind heart.

Comments are my reward!

I have used a Badge Generator to create this free badge below.  And also including an html link box below it if you too wish to designate your blog an award free blog.

Apr 10, 2015

Friday Five Random Things

My curtains soaking up the hot sunshine yesterday.
I've been finally getting a chance to get around in this "Blogland" lately and do some awesome reading and viewing.

I've been noticing today that people are sharing a lot of 
Friday Five Random Things.

Here is my first little go of it with sharing five random photos.

I took a walk around outside in the hot sun yesterday. It felt so good. I heard it got to 82* here in my lil part of the world!

A beautiful, big ole tree up by our picnic area yesterday. Getting close to getting its leaves.

A little stream that goes beside my driveway looks so quaint in the sunset,  yesterday.

And here is a cute mason jar filled with Easter flowers brought to me by my nephew on Wednesday.

And finally for my last of the five, is this cute little Momma groundhog.
She was in our yard about two years ago when I got this photo.
She use to stand like that for about 3 or 4 minutes before moving every time I'd see her out.
Momma Groundhog who roams my little bit of American soil.
More photos of Momma Groundhog & her family found in my other post.
More of Momma Groundhog

DIY Primitive Canister Lids

Here are some primitive canister lids that I recently remade.
Sorry that I didnt snap a before photo of the lids, but they were the basic light brown wood.  ( Seems I get in such a hurry to paint them, I forget.... a lot.)
I think this set of glass canisters came from the Family Dollar store.

  • I first gave the wooden lids a light sanding with medium grit paper. Just to rough them up enough to absorb paint.
  •  Then I painted on a light coat of flat black. (I choose the outdoor kind so that after lots of uses it wouldn't come off as easy as craft paint.)
  • Then I roughed them back up with sandpaper again and took quite a bit of the paint off on purpose to give them a warn look.

  • Then I wanted to add a few stars on the lids to make them a bit more prim. I used a small stencil I found on eBay along with some Delta Stencil paint.  The Delta stencil paint is oil based, takes 24 hours to dry, and will last a long, long time.

  • And I stenciled the little stars on using a makeup sponge. The best thing I've found over any stencil brush and you can throw it away without having to try and clean an oil base paint out.

And here's another shot of the lid.  Look close, I took some of the stencil paint in off white to rub on the edges to give it a more aged look. Just after it's dry, remember to give the edges another slight sanding:

And that was all to it. Just remember to let the Delta stencil paint dry for 24 hours for best results.

Thanks for stopping in ya'll!
This set of 4 glass canisters are for sale in my
Thank You!

Apr 9, 2015

DIY UK Wildcats Cornhole Game Boards

UK Wildcats Corn hole Game Boards

Cornhole is a fun outdoors, summer family game that we enjoy at cookouts. You may also know it by the name "bean bag toss."
It's a simple concept game. You simply throw bean bags towards a board and try to sink it in the hole for 3 points or at least land it on the board for 1 point. The team that reaches the score of 21 first wins.

Official rules of cornhole found at ACA
We play every year at most every summer cookout.
And we always played with these plain cornhole boards that my husband made or my brother in laws boards who were plain as well.
Notice our plain boards? Still fun but not fun to look at!
Well, being as most of my family is into sports and they all love UK Wildcats, my brother in law, Robert, asked me to do his in a UK Wildcat theme.

So here goes.

First, I painted them a gloss white with outdoor paint:

Then I used some masking tape to make the large triangle that will point towards the hole.
Remember when sticking it that you will be painting on the inside of the lines.

And then I took some blue outdoor paint, from Walmart in semi gloss and painted the triangle. Remove the tape and let it all dry.

Next, I needed to add a UK logo.
So I printed out one online to lookout as a template.

This was the hardest part for me.

I free-handed the UK symbol the best I could in pencil. Double lines, kind of outline it.
I had to keep a UK picture close to keep looking back and forth.
Then I took a small paintbrush, well a makeup brush really, and filled in the pencil lines:

It's a little crooked if you look close, but good enough for me!
And now on to the easy part.
My brother in law had bought some UK logo, clear cling decals for me to try to use.
I took some E-6000 craft glue from Walmart and rubbed some of it on the backs. To make sure they hold good. And that glue does hold strong.

I just do not like the clear plastic around it now after seeing it in a photo.
I do wish I had trimmed all the excess clear plastic off and just glued on the helmet logo itself.

 See what I mean about being able to see the clear lining of the decal?
Next time I will definitely cut it all off before gluing. 

Do you see the large wildcat on the front ends?
I didn't have anything to go there so I printed out a wildcat on plain computer paper. I cut it out very closely and applied it with the E-600 glue also.
Use as little as possible or it will start to distort the paper.

Once dried, I sealed it with a craft paint sealer.

And I also went over the entire board with a can of clear coat sealer found at Walmart.
I'm sure you could probably brush on clear coat protector also if you have it.
Just test o a small part first.

When not in use be sure to store these indoors so that the logos don't ruin.
The paint will be fine, it's just the logos that I worry about as it is the first time I've ever used them like this.

I also made a set of matching UK bean bags.
Well, the best I could anyways.
I know they should be made of  Duck Cloth but I didn't have any on hand. I'd never made bean bags before so this was a first.

I found a bunch of this UK fabric at the flea market for only $5.00.

Looked up the measurements (6 in x 6 in and wieght 16 oz) and such and cut them out.
Seems you can either fill them with brown beans or whole kernel feed corn.
I went ahead and did beans since they were on hand.

I hope these can withstand a bit of throwing.
We shall see! 
If not then I will make some new ones from the mighty Duck Cloth!

I'm not very good at corn hole, I just get lucky a lot. But with the right partner, we have won every game each year, so far for the last 5 years! lol. 
I hope I didn't jinx the next game!!! lol

I will probably make another set similar to these and put them for sale in my 
Etsy Shop.

But I'm still trying to think up a reasonable price.
What would you suggest?

Some friends wanted me to also make Jack Daniels themed boards along with Bud Light themed boards. 
I did and I will share them on my next post.

Have you ever played the game of corn hole bean bag toss?