Oct 4, 2015


Gingerbread Spoon!

I had about 20 dozen or so of these cute little gingerbread men made of resin, that I won at a wholesale auction.
They had flat backs like so:
I was selling these cute little gingerbread men in my eBay shop, until I started finding ways to use them myself.

Here is some items I have recently made with them. Remember all the Snowmen themed, wooden spoons I have been making in the past? And the primitive, kitchen themed spoons? Well, there are now Gingerbread men spoons!

Since my little gingerbread men already have flat backs, all I really had to do was use some
E-6000 glue and stick them on. Super easy!

Here are a few more items I spruced up with the little cute, gingerbread men.

Here is the before pic of these stars, after I finished them in a crackle paint finish:

 Distressed Primitive Star with Crackle Finish

And most of the others were just a basic paint color.
I attached some cute homespun fabric to them, that I simply tied in a bow, with some E-6000 glue.
 And then just adorned the bow ends with the cute little gingerbread men!

The star to the left, I was practicing with some shadowing in paint colors. Not so sure I liked that!
 I'm still thinking up all kinds of ways to use them for the holidays. Really, the uses seem endless to me!
Hope you liked these ideas for little gingerbread men and see ya'll next time,

Oct 3, 2015


Today is Friday so I want to share five country foods I can't live without!
Well, I'm sure I could live without, but life wouldn't be so gooood..
My Home Made Chocolate Pie in a cast iron skillet.

Warm bowl of turkey chili and saltines on a cold, dreary night.

Baked cornbread in a cast iron skillet with a buttery browned top.

Fried cornbread with a bit of butter to give it a golden, yummy finish.

And Beef! lol. Just had to throw this pic in of my uncle looking at his newest member on the mini farm.
I did use to love beef when I was little, but my 20's I discovered I'm allergic to it. But boy, how I do remember that taste! Turkey just isn't the same.

~Thank you to Amy from over at~
for the linkup!

Oct 1, 2015

GOOD FENCES in the Country #13

It's Good Fences Day and time to linkup with

Here are some country pics from when I went on a drive on a dreary Sunday afternoon, earlier this year.
 We have tons of this type of black, wooden fences in our area.
When you come to a large farm, it looks so nice rolling up and down the hills.
 You can see a few cows grazing in the back.

 This gravel road leads to an Amish farm. See the buggy tracks in and out.
A broken rail that that will soon be mended.

And for a last one, here's some hay rolls out in a field.
I take so many of these, I hope I haven't shared this one yet.
Cause it was also from a lot earlier this year.

Sep 29, 2015


I am going to post a few thread spindles and jars that I have painted snowmen on.

I just can't help it when it comes to snowmen, I just want to paint them on everything!

These are the plain, ole' wooden thread spindles that you are seeing about now.
 They are cute to just tuck here and there as are, but I thought they may be a bit cuter with a little chubby snowman on them!

I used the FOLKART brand of craft paint from Walmart.

And I just free handed on some matching snowmen.  This way in case someone wants to use them as a matching pair.

And for the snowflakes, they were really easy. Just draw you some straight lines like this below:
And just dab on dots for the tips!

Here's how mine came out, but sorry a bit blurry:
 And here they are again all done:

And that was just about all to them.

And then I had an old bottle and a white little jar sitting around.
I was in such a rush to start painting, I had already done a the other side of the bottle before I remembered the b4 pic.
And the other side of the jar was plain white.

As you see, when I start one type of snowman, I tend to put the same one on a few items. Not sure why, it's just how I do it.  And I'm always thinking maybe someone wants a few items in set, who knows?

Here's another pic of them:

And yesterday I had a request for Santa items.  So I will be making a few of them in the upcoming weeks!
Not sure why, but I just tend to get stuck on Snowmen!! lol
So please check back soon!

See ya'll next time,

Sep 28, 2015


This cool, Fall air has me in the mood for some winter crafts.  But right now I have a cute makeover to show ya!
Primitive Cutting Board Makeover

Here it is, a cute, well used, wooden cutting board. Or some say a dough board that I got from the local Good Will for only $.50.

Here it is before:

And here it is after:

Here's what I used to do the makeover with.

I keep a can of black paint on hand that is oil based and available at Walmart and painted an all over base coat. It's found in the outdoor section of the paint.

I got out one of my stencils from eBay with the wordings that I thought fit good.
Then I used some stencil paint made by DELTA in the Heritage color theme for the lettering.
I used the yellowish EGGNOG color.
This is an oil based, stencil paint, so remember it takes a little bit to dry.
And it is best to apply it with a makeup sponge if you ask me. I just can't do good with those stencil brushes.

Here it is side by side:

And that was a quick and easy makeover from a cheap, good bones find!
I bought the board for a whopping 50cents and priced it for $6.99.
SOLD Thank You!

Happy Crafting till next time Ya'll,

Sep 25, 2015


Here at five more country foods I just can't live without:
 (Here's last weeks Five if you missed them!)

"A Kentucky Snack"

Fry you up a few pones of cornbread and mix it up with milk.
Just throw in some diced onions and a few dashes of pepper and ummmm good!


Made from only self rising flour and water, then fried up in a bit of vegetable oil.
Most people use lard, either is good.
 I usually eat this with a runny egg or brown beans.
Omygosh, if you haven't had this, make some today!


This is a treat each summer from fresh garden jalapenos!
They are great alone or dipped in ranch.


I always add a bit of extra walnut flavoring oil and walnuts to the mix.
And I only use speckled, black, ripe bananas!
Umm, makes my mouth water right now!


Okay, so here I cheat a little. I first boil it normally, but then finish it off in the oven with a baked on layer of mixed cheeses!
Umm Ummm good!

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Sep 24, 2015


Today is Good Fences link up day! 
A courtesy of the  The Run*A*Round Ranch Report

                  Today I am sharing a country fence that surrounds my late Mom's old family farmlands.

Sep 17, 2015


Here's a few shots from when I followed a cute, little, back country road a bit on a day trip.

 And then it led me to the gate entry almost overgrown.
I love coming up on country places like this.
Wow, this has made the 11th week I've joined the:
Thanks so much for hosting it!