Nov 16, 2011


Here's an primitive looking, "old crow" themed game board I made.

I used a left over kitchen cabinet door from my mother-in-laws remodel.
 It was one of those solid wood doors, so I knew it would be great for something.

First, I painted it a flat black.
Then I stenciled on the red checkerboard using a checkerboard stencil I found on ebay.

And then after all that dried, I went back and stenciled on the yellow "Old Crow" wording and figure and stars. These stencils I also found on ebay as well.

And to finish it up, I took some yellow stencil paint and scuffed up the edges to make it appear a bit older. If you don't have the yellow, you can always use sandpaper.

I also painted the little shelf underneath, and just stenciled on the saying.
I love them displayed together.

PRICE of Checkerboard: $14.99 SOLD in my Booth #555.
PRICE of Shelf: $7.99 SOLD
Thank You!

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