Aug 12, 2015



I am finally getting around to sharing how I made these
I actually made them in 2012 and have yet to share them!

I bought 2 bags of those jewel looking marbles at the Dollar Mart for $1.00 each. 
I got a bag of both sizes, the large and small.
They are by the candles and such. They are great for these because they have a side that 
is flat but the other side is bubbly looking. They are like a cabochon (shaped, polished gemstone with a flat side basically,) but a super cheap version made of glass.

For the Halloween marble magnets, I went with the smaller sizes though.

For images to use, I went to Etsy and found a collage sheet by , for only $2.99 available in the 1 inch size I needed.  They are adorable and she allows for personal and small business commercial use. So they were just what I needed.
For the exact images I purchased, click here.

Then I got all my stuff ready to go. Here is what I needed:
I have a round, 1" hole punch that I got from eBay to punch out the Halloween images easily.
Some E-6000 glue from Walmart
some round magnets, size .75" in a pack of 50 also from Walmart
(I didn't use any of the roll of magnet sheets over to the left)

After punching out the Halloween images with my hole punch, I just laid it all out on some wax paper.  Dabbed a bit of E-6000 glue onto each image, and then quickly pressed the glass marble down. Press hard enough that the image is fully covered with the E-6000 glue. The glue is great that it doesn't hurt the image colors at all!

And then after that all dries and cures for a few hours, I just went back and glued on the round magnets. 

It just takes a little bit of the E-6000 and these are pretty strong magnets. (Unlike the strips!)
In fact, I don't think I will every buy the strips of magnets again. Their hold sucks on almost everything.

And then there you have it.

Please ignore my "Body Jewelry" bags. They were all I had on hand at the moment. But I did go back and add a paper topper to cover up the saying.

These .75" magnets are the perfect size for these smaller glass marbles!

I put 4 each in a bag and just priced them for a $1.00 a bag.
I think that is a great grab and go item for passerbys looking for a cheap gift or keepsake.

If you look close, in the lower left handed corner, I also used some cute kitten images. I also bought them from ETSY from a great shop called  PrintMarksTheSpot.  I figured I may need a variety in case some people didn't want just Halloween marble magnets.

This was a really fun and cheap craft to make and sell.
It's about time to make some more!

Until next time ya'll, have a good'en!


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