Aug 7, 2015

Primitive Wooden Pumpkins Pumpkin Boards

Primitive Wooden Pumpkins

Here are some cute "Pumpkin Boards" as my Aunt Marlene calls them, that I made for decorations a few years back.  And I just ran across them on my pc and realized I've never shared them.

I made them out of some left over boards that we had from a remodel. 

The boards are not thick, maybe about a half inch or less and they are pine.
Pine is great for crafts because it is very lightweight.

I started with the long boards and just free handed some cuts to make kinda in the shape of notches.

And then at the top, shaped it off with a pumpkin type stem.  And then I cut out those marks with a jigsaw.
I painted the the boards a cinnamon orange in flat. I love this color.
It is an outdoor paint too, so it will be fine to sit beside a door in by the drive.

After I let the paint dry, I took some very rough grit sandpaper and sanded all the notches and sides to give the pumpkin a worn look.

And notice the little wooden star I attached with glue?
I just kinda freehanded a star shape onto some very thin plywood board we had. This is the type of board that is meant to go down on floors before linoleum. I think it's called lieu-on or something of the such.  It's very cheap and is available at Lowes.

And then on a few of them, I thought that maybe stenciling a star on would be way easier and faster.

And it was! Shew.

On a few of them, while I had my stencils out, I also used the checkerboard pattern to dress them up a bit.

And then on a few, by the stems, I took a piece of twine, the kind in the garden section, and tied a little bow.

 And then on a few of the others,  I took some sprigs of grapevine garland and kinda twirled it around it.

Oh, one more thing. To make the pumpkin stand up on it's own. I used a square piece of leftover board I had laying around for the large pumpkin. Because it needs the most support. I nailed it up from the bottom into the pumpkin.  And then I took a triangular piece of board I cut with a jigsaw and made a brace, on the back, from that bottom square piece to the back of the pumpkin.

It made it hold very good and stood strong.

On the smaller pumpkin I didn't put the square bottom, but instead just a triangle piece of wood as a stand.  And it worked great.

I wish I had more pics of the process, but I made these a few years ago and I'm just happy I found these.

Hope ya'll liked these wooden pumpkins.
Wouldn't they look cute with some tiny primitive lights strung on them too?

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See ya'll next time!


  1. Very cute! Thanks for sharing how to make them! You have me thinking of fall decorating - my favorite season!

  2. Hey Lisa! They look fab! You make it all so easy! I'd love to give these a go!

  3. These are very cute! It will be that time here shortly!

  4. These are as cute as they can are very talented.
    I am already looking forward to fall and cooler weather.

  5. They are cute, great idea and decoration. Enjoy your weekend!


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